[Chronicle] Back to the Gym (Week 7 update)

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Great decision mate! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

I went through a similar thing a couple years ago, but the highs/lows weren't as extreme as yours.

I expected this thread to die off quicker than it is. So happy to hear from everyone!! XD

I wish I knew how to go half way. I get obsessive over certain things. I don't know how to balance; it's all or nothing for me.

Going to start with how I started 5 years ago.
3 days weight training
3 days cardio
Both at about 30-40 min workouts.
And of course keeping a diet of about 2400 calories.

Although, since I been through this before, I want to sneak in a couple days of yoga.

Talk about not knowing how to balance, I also decided to do an 8 min intense cardio workout before breakfast (here we go again).
Long time player, hardly any forum posts, but here's my story:
Played tons of sports (track, football, weightlifting, etc) and recruited to play ball in college. 10 years in the military total, deployed overseas, 2 knee surgeries and a back surgery later, I'm in the same boat as you. Tired of feeling like a fatty, I started doing a 2 mile loop around my neighborhood almost every day. Times are steadily decreasing, and I'm making progress already - keep at it!

Another tip, and DON'T ignore this: start SLOW - hurting yourself is just another excuse to quit. I've been there plenty of times as well. Good luck and take care, all.
Ok KJ.....I saw you sneaking around in-game a few minutes ago.

That is not exercise....

Also, replace your pancakes with rice cakes.

replace your cream-puffs with carrots.

Remember...nothing you do goes unnoticed.
wow, I'm very happy you are on your own road to happiness!
Good luck and I hope the best for you!
Probably not right away, or even ever. But at my peak, the workouts were lasting 2-3 hours. That would leave no time for video games. By no means do I want to go back to that, however, 2-3 hours was never my original intention either. My workouts just naturally got more intense and longer over time

Over an hour with Weight training is considered over-train. Something about your body only releasing some chemical in the 45 minute time frame once you start working out. Point being, it's all about the intensity, not how long you work out. Friendly tip :)
07/09/2013 03:01 PMPosted by RockShow
nothing you do goes unnoticed.

more like nothing u eat goes unmetabolised.

holy crap i really went and lifted yesterday and today it still aches but not so much that it affects my movement. iirc thats a good thing.

think i'll do it again
KJ> Good luck with your project, it seems like you know how to workout and that's a really good advantage, but as others pointed out, don't overdo it from the start, you risk getting injured and then it REALLY becomes difficult to do anything.

Hunting> Wait till tomorrow, it's usually worst two days after a workout ;)
holy crap i really went and lifted yesterday and today it still aches but not so much that it affects my movement. iirc thats a good thing.

think i'll do it again

me and you hunt!
me and you!

I was going to provide a weekly update but since you mention it..i'm SORE.
I wanted to start slow, as everyone advised, but I guess I pushed it too much, cuz I HURT!

Keep it up Hunt :D

Others; yes 2-3 hours in weight training in a row can indeed be counter productive. But that was not what I was doing :). It was more like Intense Cardio, Weight Lifting, Calisthenics (I clump abs here) and stretching.
On the diet side of things; if I can be so bold as to suggest investigating Weight Watchers. I have done other caloric restriction programs but have found WW to be easily the most sustainable approach to weight loss and maintenance.

My Mom lost over 100 lbs on the program back in the late 60's and has kept it off since. I have numerous friends with similar stories. Myself, I weighed 293 last August and since starting WW in December have dropped to 244 (as of last Sunday). I am older (48) work a desk job, but I do like to ride bicycles quite a bit. I never feel too hungry unless it is time to eat, and tracking stuff just becomes a ritual, like anything else really. I am 6'2" tall and I still have miles and miles to go on my personal journey but WW has been a great aid to me in any case.

(and no, I am not a paid spokes-monk for their program)
Eiaat, so many great stories of success and great people emerging here.
Good for you! I'm happy to hear about your success using WW!

I was considering WW for my mom, never really thought about it for myself. I was actually looking into a trainer to come to my moms home and work with her at home; but I guess WW sounds like a good option.

07/10/2013 09:16 AMPosted by Fitz
Haha, will be awesome if people start getting healthier due to your inspiration KJ!

My inspiration?

Have you read bullet point number 1 in the OP...here, let me quote it for you:

1.) Fitz
       a.) He called me a "scared fatty"
       b.) When talking about working out, he said: "The time is now!"
KJ - I ran 4 miles yesterday.

It was very hot out :(
KJ - I ran 4 miles yesterday.

It was very hot out :(

wow that's a good run!!!
reading about everyone staying and getting in shape really makes me foolish for letting myself go this past year :(

As far as running in the heat, be careful (like I really need to tell you :)).

It's a thing though. I just read about it last week.
Not a very creative name, it's just called "heat running", hehehe
Alright KJ I really did it again today and this time I couldn't finish the second set. I think tomorrow I might have difficulty shampooing.

Some sick part of me is actually looking forward to that
Easiest/quickest way to lose weight: start running

And make sure you're doing at least 30 mins...because if not you might as well just take a bus. Your biggest expense with running will be your shoes. But get fitted to the right type of shoes...it's free at any running store.
Just "start running" isn't really specific enough. Too many skinnyfat cardio bunnies took this advise. More specifically huge fat burn is attained via high intensity interval training, which in layman terms is really just short sprints alternating with slow jogs. 30 minutes of HIIT will definitely do a lot more than going at a flat pace.
Thanks to you I will be giggling like an idiot the next time I start sprinting

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