2H Monk seeking advice!

Ok, so, I grabbed what I could afford off the AH, and now I'm just running around trying to get comfortable with my new Monk! Dinged 60 yesterday.

I want to farm Legendaries or Demonic Essences, depending on which one 2H is better at.

Do I have the right skills and gear?

Because if I farm a ton of DE, I can craft myself some better gloves and bracers...I'm hoping.
I hit 5000 Armor, over 500 to All Resist, and 24MS, as well as 40,000 life, so I feel somewhat comfortable destroying MP0 and MP1. Not pushing too hard yet until I break about 140,000 DPS. But not sure how I am going to do that just yet.
Crafting a ton of bracers to see what I can accomplish first!
200 Bracer Crafts...not a single upgrade....dunno where to even start!
If you're doing mp1 you don't need nearly that much all resist and armor.

Also check out druin's tempest rush guide for gear/build/run tips and tricks to get yourself started!

Man, you absolutely made my day linking that guide. I was looking for something like that! Now I have to find a way to get the gold to make this all happen.
Going for Tempest Rush for a while to see what I can manage. Maybe pick up a few Paragon levels and DEs and drops.... Thank you so much!
No problem! ;)

-Druin, the happy monk
Got the gear kind of going in the right direction...anyone have any thoughts on where I'm missing the most? Maybe do a full gem swap or something?
07/09/2013 05:14 PMPosted by Unzero
Got the gear kind of going in the right direction...anyone have any thoughts on where I'm missing the most? Maybe do a full gem swap or something?

Get a pair of gloves with high dex/crit chance/crit damage
Get an amulet with high dex/crit chance/crit dmg (doesn't need all resist with your lvls of AR and armor if you stay in mp1)
Sweet, thanks for the advice, going to replace the Tasker and Theo and Amulet as soon as I can. Just got to find something decent to sell or something, low on gold and I don't really know how to sell items very well, been playing since release and had to buy all my gold because no one ever buys my items.
Working on getting an amulet has proven to be incredibly difficult, exhausted all my gold, and can't repair my monk at the moment, had to stop playing just to play catch up.
Anyone have any ideas whether I should drop Natalya's Bloody Footprints and Natalya's Reflection in favor of something else to push up my Demonic Essence farming to MP5? Just trying to get my character to a spot where it can farm something like Crypt of the Ancients, or Vault of the Assassin, or anywhere where I can find a ton of Demonic Essences, because I really want to get my gloves and bracers crafted into something decent. Maybe I should go with TR and find somewhere?
@ op

I suggest staying in mp0-mp1 in the meantime. It's better to smash through elites in low mp than taking ages to kill on mid mp. The difference in de is not that much (i think it's 10% more) but because its so random you can do an mp5 vota run and not get any after 10 mins or get 5 + after doing an mp1 run in 2 mins.

Good luck.
Thank you so much for the advice!!!

Hoping in the meanwhile I can start swapping out some Vitality gems....

Is my Skorn good for TR? Or would a Flying Dragon be better?
Your skorn is good for TR.

I hope the build in your profile is not the build you are using when running mp0-mp1.

Also, just for reference, with your stats, I think you could comfortably go up to mp4, maybe 5. I had the same armor/resist/hp as you , except I had 126k dps and I was farming through mp7 fairly well.
Thanks, I changed my build before I logged out to mess with some stuff. What build would you recommend?
Assuming traditional low MP TR xp/loot is your objective...

Your build now is fine except you should change overawe to submission.

Your crit chance is way too low to make adequate use of SW:Cyclone. Need ~43+ CC. This needs to be a priority over your all res (300 all res should be more than enough, esp with a LS skorn).

Recommend the following on gear:

1. CC nat ring when you can afford.

2. TR CC (5-7%) SOJ with 2+ SR (% elites don't matter much).

3. Inna radiance with 2+ SR (ok to drop all res on helm, you have WAY more all res than needed for MP 0-1).

4. Amulet with 9-10 CC, CD, dex/vit (don't need all res here).

Best of luck!
I really appreciate all the help you guys are giving me! Just trying to make gold somehow, I've put over 100 items up on auction the last two or three weeks and not a single thing has sold. >.>

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