How fast I can make p100 with my new WD?

Witch Doctor
Well, I decided to make another WD just to see how fast it takes nowadays to get p100.


I am using my existing gear.

I use only hell ring since lvl 60, and I made 60 rings from mat's in my stash and all crafted are vit rings.

I don't use ruby in helm, since I do mp10 only, 95% solo and I need that life to stay alive.

I do act1 @ 90% of the time and some act2.

In act1 I start Leaoric's to get quick 1-2 elites and leave to Fest. woods to get rest of the stack there and than I do fields(FoM). After fields, I do also Wheepy Hollow if I don't forget.

I clear almost all of the map, yes, I don't do just crazy xp speed and leave monsters behind, I clear 99%. I also click on every dead body and destroy all the bones piles or boxes.

I pick all the rare items to make it more realistic to see the xp leveling.

I use Enchantresses with Azureth sword for AS and some freezing.

I keep log of all legs dropped and which lvl's and what kind and how much gold I make from them for reference.

I take most screenshots of them for later analysis of drops, and so far, as I see, they do drop more when I get together usually 50+ monsters and that's the way I like to kill them, for large xp bonuses.

Not sure if it is cause there is large killing spree or just cause I gather large numbers of monsters and they have to drop some on avg, but in most cases, its when there is massacre done :P

I'll update soon the stats for legs and time/lvl made.

If anyone has done the same, please post it in here, I like to read it.

At this time I am @ p71 and time is 71hrs.

Thanx for reading.
to do this:
"... to see how fast it takes nowadays to get p100."
by using this:
"..I use Enchantresses with Azureth sword for AS and some freezing..."

is simply incorrect.

To really "see how fast it takes NOWADAYS"
you have to keep putting your toon in MP 10 FULL games.

Well, never had eng in school, but to make u happy....
You should make him a female doc so your male doc perform better in game, how do I make my male WD tough and hard? I use vanishing dye on all my female WD gears.
LOL^ yea, but I can't stand her voice :P
Somehow I met Nikorr last week and basically, he leveled my WD from 92-100 within 2 days, made me to find Locus-Pest and JF fun to use. Opened this barb@heart's eye for sure with large mob gathering, and patience to draw dps at very very last second for 10K exp a pop.

Thx Nikorr :p I will raise my SS wiz and hop to run with you again soon.

add in whimseyshire.

If running CoB is stupidly easy, no ranged mobs.

Very good XP. Very similar in XP per monster to halls

Hey, yea, we had some nice runs :)

Hows the wiz ?

Its easy if done right. U need right skills with right items or u will be dead all the time.

And most of all, timing! Than it looks easy.

I personally don't like that cartoon lvl.

I don't even have it :) But yea, ppl say its great xp.

Cool, I'll take a look, didn't noticed that change.

SS Wiz is getting much better, reminds me of my early WD days learning my ways around. I am builting it like a CoB spec but do less damage hahaha

Perhaps i miss WD too much, it's only been couple days.

Looks like you are progressing well with me draggin you down :p

At this rate, maybe when you are @99 then my wiz will be MP10 capable lol
The XP bonus from kill streaks is actually pretty terrible, it's equivalent to just killing a few extra trash mobs. Mowing down tons of trash seems to be the key though, great to see that your WD is so effective. Do you have any XP/hour numbers too? I'll be starting on my WD soon after I finish my wizard.
Kinda pathetic how fast can get p100 nowadays.

Took 25K elites to get my WD to p100.

No monster power. No hellfire. Just farming.

Nowadays you can get it from under 4000 elite kills total. Im sorry to say, but this is 100000000000% pathetic and SHOULD NOW BE NOOBS.

I don't really care about per hr :P

I play different, as some or most guys that are chasing p100 get burned fast due to repeating same maps.

Its not about fastest xp for me, as I chat with ppl in game and it takes lots of time.

I was just posting my findings, since I got the para long ago when it was different.

Much less xp or legs dropped or monsters were bit harder than, no mp10 easy way.

Pretty much I get 15k xp from killing mobs and it adds up over the time and as high as 50k+ if I bother to get more mobs in.

I never bother with just 4-6 monsters, cause they will follow me due to locust and spiders.

And its the best way to deal with reflect dmg, cause u get LS return from other monsters and even 1 extra monster will add more life back than reflect will suck out of you.

Spiders are the asset for long xp streaks, cause they hit for 4 sec and that's the time u got before u have to hit another monster to keep the strike going.

And it makes it faster to clear of the the map, since all is drowned in the bats and they do chase u, instead of u chasing them :)

And if u make the WD later, pm me if u want to see how I do it, as there is bunch of different builds for bats out there.

Yea, its a jump to p lvl 1 from p100 :P

I can see it in HC, where I do now mp5-6 max, so I really enjoy the SC mp10.

Nice, just looked and p29 already lol. Going fast :)

Whats up with those gems, lol. Fl Sq?

See yea in game later....
07/13/2013 04:44 AMPosted by skitzflik
Took 25K elites to get my WD to p100.

11.5k on my monk :-) I killed a billion MP10 scorps...
Took 25K elites to get my WD to p100.

11.5k on my monk :-) I killed a billion MP10 scorps...

LOL...that was before the scorp nerf :D

now people have to be a little more creative on their runs

mp8 i believe should be the fastest place to level up cuz of the HP increase VS exp increase
WD is my first toon and im not even half way through p100 with 10k elites
man, coming from hardcore i was shocked how fast youre leveling on mp10. its funny how some of the reponses are so angry XD, leave it to the softcore boards to argue a ton of pointless details eh? haha.

good luck finishing up :), and for whats its worth, i couldnt tell english was not your first lanaguage XD

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