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hey, i was in a full d3 game, i was fighting mobs in halls of agony with 2 ppl beside me attacking too when i got removed from the game. i was talking /1 general chat.

i know how the system works, i get i can be removed i swear to god if you respond with a blizzard employee would never bla bla please save your lies for a new player. a little over a week ago i reported a blizzard employee for swearing at me calling me a bunch of stuff then when i went to report it i got auto disconnected later a guy joined my group to apologize for swearing at me and stuff over oq vent.

however, this time, i got removed from d3 game which i get it. but i also got magically disconnected from the game right after being removed from the game.

NOW, few days ago i was playing for a long time to level my paragon level they kept screwing with the monster power while i was in game. i had joined a mp7 game, every fight was like fighting something way harder than mp10 which is totally ridiculous.

if you guys want me to setup my sony camera to record every instance im talking about because i know when i run camtasia or fraps to record stuff they quit screwing with me.
just talked to this guy in general chat. he said he was going to make a post on the forums about this issue....i can't believe he really did :3
just play the game nobody likes a person who complains alot
Trolls gotta troll.

Seriously, how did no one do that already?
You sir win the Crown of Stannum Irritabis!
Sounds legit.
Without proving it was an employee of Blizz then you might even have more problems than that. If players have figured out how to screw with other players in coop it could affect more players than just you personally. They could target anyone that they do not like. Screwing with you just for kicks. But because you think it is a Blizz employee you do not report the matter. So you have to ask yourself are you sure it was a Blizz employee. I am sure that you should be able to tell a real Blizz employee from a fake.
You mentioned Ventrillo. Chances are someone got your IP address and DDoS attacked your IP until you were disconnected.

However, this is highly unlikely, just slightly more likely than a Blizzard employee "screwin" with you.

The best answer here is, your internet sucks and you get randomly booted.
Guys... hey guys.... be careful out there...

They're watching...



I'm inclined to think tinfoil hat.
I'll be locking the thread up here.

@ Zød: your previous report to us that was made 13 days ago concerned general harassment. I see no indication that Blizzard was in contact with you previous to that - except in response to other reports you've previously sent in.

Although Game Masters are unable to chat with you or otherwise interact with you in Diablo III or StarCraft II - they are able to open up a separate chat window in WoW. When they do that, a blue 'Blizz' tag will appear in front of their name. Only characters with this Blizz tag are official Blizzard representatives. If anyone else ever purports to be a representative of Blizzard who does not have this tag, they should be reported immediately.

If you do have any issues with the performance of your game, or connection - you're welcome to use our support portal to get in contact with us for further assistance.

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