300Kdps/500Kehp for 814,205,045

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One of my favourite parts of d3 is the challenge of building a character on the cheap. For the longest time I played S&B and tbh it is still my toon of choice for "difficult" encounters. However, more recently, I've started to experiment with a dual wielder and once I got into it, the goal of 300K dps (with scoundrel initially) for less than a billion became something to strive for. In addition, the character has to be balanced. It doesn't count if I have 300K and terrible ehp. So the actual target is 300K dps with at least 500K ehp for less than a billion.

At the moment I'm at just over 274K for about 575 million including gems and crafts. I could actually add about 3K to that but it shoots my ehp all to hell.

Anyway this is what I've got so far:

Inna's helm - 20 million (bid)
Shoulders - craft
Amulet - craft
Gloves - found
Tal Rasha's Chest - 10 million (buyout)
Bracers - craft
Witching Hour - 16,537,500 (bid)
Main hand Ring - 10 million (bid)
Nat's ring - 73,165,334 (bid)
Inna's pants - 8 million (bid)
Echoing Fury - 100,000,001 (bid)
Off Hand Weapon - 73,000,000 (buyout)
Nat's boots - 11,788,125 (bid)

Total gear = 322,490,960

The radiant star gems I'm going assign a value of 18 million each = 144 million (15.4 million for crafting and then about 2.6 million for the tombs and flawless squares for each gem) and the marquise emerald 74 million (3X18 +20). Last, but not least I estimate I have spent about 35 million on crafting up to this present time.

Therefore we have a grand total of 575,490,960.

So fellow Monks, I've somehow got to come up with a little under 26K dps for 425 million. I can get to 281K with a Marquise emerald in my off hand weapon and by reaching P100. So really its 19K dps for 369 million. It's on.

You have some beast crafts, and the offhand looks like a steal for 70m.

Looks like you'll have to go trifecta on your ring and maybe get some CD on your main-hand. Easily within 370m I think.
i doubt u can survive mp10 ubers with that gear tho. need double ls
i doubt u can survive mp10 ubers with that gear tho. need double ls

Actually, you don't. If that was the case no S&B Monk would ever be able to beat an MP 10 uber. As I said in my opening post, I use my S&B Monk for "difficult" encounters. If I put my best stuff on, it has about 220K dps and close to 900K ehp (not including dodge or block). It has no trouble on MP 10. The cost of that Monk is actually less than this one.

I honestly still can't fathom how you got those bracers they are insane.
my bracers or his? :d

Well done!

Actually I already over 300k dps before. And I did not spend over 1 billion golds. But I already sold all gears out.

And I found 300k dps is nothing. Balance monk is more important!
This is amazing. Thanks for posting. I have long since left the whole budget monk-ing thing, but I am still in awe of what you have been able to do with so little gold.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope this inspires others to spend wisely, not just abundantly.

That is some amazing gold efficiency. I want to take you with me next time I go car shopping. :-P

Seriously though, there is not a lot of room for budget improvments, but the OH weapon and the WH belt look like the best candidates.
Very impressive sir!
@He Who shall Not Be Named

Well, I'm impressed.

One thing you can always do is craft a chest. It's a gamble, but you probably have upwards of 1K DPS there to be gained.

Really, even if you break even in DPS (around 275 dex+ 3 sockets), you can gain in resists/armor/life. Which is nice because the second thing you can do is really max out that WH. How much do they cost if you have 0 defensive traits on them? Even 9% IAS is another 1K to 2 K DPS, and you've theoretically got room for upwards of +10K DPS there, althoughI assume the price get ridiculous even if you have no Vit or resists. I don't really know the market.

How much are +Str/Dex or +Int/Dex Inna's Pants going for these days? That's upwards of 8K to 9K as well.

That's all I got, man. But I love how little you've spent on him. I see all these people trying to sell their Monks complete set for billions and it always has me scratching my head. It's really nice to see a Monk where the whole of the gear is worth more than the sum of it's parts.
Purchased 2nd Marquise emerald so now at 278K.

Total cost of Monk so far is 631,490,960.

you've spent 100 of millions on crafting and crafting mats. But its okay you can call it free
07/12/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Shlink
you've spent 100 of millions on crafting and crafting mats. But its okay you can call it free

Not true. If you see my original post, I have spent approximately 35 million on crafting for this Monk.

223 shoulders (including mats and tombs about 77K ea.) = 17.2 million
120 bracers (including mats and tombs about 96K ea.) = 11.5 million
52 amulets (including gem and brim about 135K ea.) = 7 million

Actually, now I've done the math, its about 35.7 million.

07/11/2013 08:39 AMPosted by ManUnited
Balance monk is more important!

This should be the "mantra" :) of the Monk class...alas too many people are obsessed with DPS, or eDPS, or EHP, or you name it...

I'd like to say that since launch I've played just about any kind of monk...absolutely love my APS balanced monk for MP10 and or Ubers...don't need dual LS but I can drop a little DPS and rock it either way.

Dead DPS is no good...I've seen beastly monks (especially pre MP patch) who had 300AR and no LS...bur rocked 300+ K DPS easy...come up on a RD pack...didn't end well.
07/11/2013 04:47 AMPosted by !@#$%^-*!@er
In addition, the character has to be balanced. It doesn't count if I have 300K and terrible ehp. So the actual target is 300K dps with at least 500K ehp for less than a billion

Yeah, Supes I agree with you. A balanced Monk is more important.

Yeah, to be honest, I think you should price the cost of your gloves, and then add that in there, because honestly, how many people are going to find a pair trifecta gloves with high main stat like that? I'm closing in on 1k hours, and the best pair of gloves I ever found was like 6 IAS, 28% CD, 6.5% CC and like 80 main stat. ie: Junk. Yours are probably close to 300m, which would nearly put you at the 1bil cap.

Other then that though, it's pretty damn impressive that you've managed to put together such an awesome monk for so cheap.

1) True
2) Yes, I've had pretty good rolls, although I can't seem to get anything other than AR/poison resist on my shoulders and the amulet I'm wearing was the only one I rolled out of the 52 with both CC and CD. I was fortunate it gave me decent vit as well, however, the low dex roll and the cold resistance I could have done without. The bracers - no complaints at all.
3) Isn't that the point of all this - looking for bargains.
4) Thanks

So, question on the bidded items. Which ones are they, and how many hours did you spend poring over various items before you finally settled on a pair, and how many times did you end up getting outbid, and then have to restart the process. I'm curious, because any one of your items are freaking sweet, and it seems like you'd have to spend FOREVER finding a great deal on gear like that.

I mean, I try to deal hunt as much as possible, but I always seem to get outbid, I don't actually think I've gotten any GOOD piece of gear on bid. Honestly, your monk blows mine out of the water, but I know I've spent more then a billion by now on my gear(hell, the bracers I just replaced, I just sold for 100m, and that's actually a devaluation, I originally bought them for 175m back in like 1.05), and my stats aren't even close. This thread kinda depresses me :-(.

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