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- added Arcane/Fire/Lightning/Cold categories to Builds
- added builds: MM Fire Wiz, Manson's Mirror/Mirror Wizard, Cold Archon, Lightning Archon + Paralysis (EU)

Please if I missed something, let me know.
06/04/2014 05:33 AMPosted by RobertVarga

Please if I missed something, let me know.

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Found a very innovative Arcane Magic Missile spec here:


You should add that guide to the gearing section. The sticky is looking good, RV!
I need help. I was wondering in terms of build what might be the most effective build with my current items.
I can run T1 fine, but anything beyond that takes too long to kill. I tried T2, takes way too long to kill and Elite mobs are very tough for me.

I know I can improve my gear all around. I am currently trying to find a Ring of Grandeur (I found one but it rolled Strength), Vyrs armor, Thunrderfury, and Mirrorball.

I currently have in my stash a pretty poorly rolled Wand of Woh, Andariel with Cold % damage, Myken ball of Hate, Light of Grace and Triumvirate. I'm just not sure how to improve or which direction to take. I have items that have Cold % and Lightning %.


Please any help would be much appreciated.
06/07/2014 04:24 PMPosted by ChangBooster

You should add that guide to the gearing section. The sticky is looking good, RV!

Thanks, added!
07/11/2013 03:42 PMPosted by RobertVarga
PieHoles Disintegrate Build
I almost forgot this thread was even here...and I enter it to find it very clean and up to date.

Disagree, we may, on a few topics RV, but keep up the good work!
Wizard/ Emulate thread is pretty out of date RV.

Not sure what you want to do with that thread.

Thanks and keep up the hard work !
I'm waiting for new Wiz with the "List of Wizs to Emulate" hread.

It's good information for average Joe, but stuff changes so fast these months...

And a lot of the titans moved to other classes, some of them left Wiz naked.

Ima see after 2.1 whether situation will get better. If not, I'll just remove.
The link to Jaetchs Lightning Build and Simbas end game build are the same currently. I think this is the one you wanted:

Keep up the great work though. Love this post :- )


This is a helpful tool:
I have 6 wizards builds I wanted to share here, maybe someone are looking for some builds with a specific element(I have all spec for all element types) you can use my wizards as a reference

All of them have been tested for T5-T6 difficulty, with the exception of the last build, which is really just a Mule. I tried doing a video but I don't have enough time to record/edit things.

So If someone wants to know how I play them or how do they work, just ask and I'll try to help and explain.

Fire = Serpent Sparker + Mirrorball + Meteors (Firebird set is ready when 2.1 comes)

Fire = Wand of Woh + Vyrs

Arcane/Elemental = Thunderfury + Moonlight Ward + Tals + Vyrs

Lightning = Velvet Camaral + Ball of Hate + Wyrdward + Vyrs

Cold = Rimeheart + Frostburn + Winter Flurry

Elemental = Disintegrate + Tals
Hey everyone,

I appreciate the diversity of builds you've included! I was wondering which one is easiest to gear for? I've got a lvl 70 wiz that I haven't spent much time with and I'd like to run Torment 1 on it. What is the quickest path to T1? Thanks!
You can do pretty much anything for T1. If it isn't your first character, craft the Aughilds+crimson set, weap, source, and voila...you're easily doing T2-3 just on crafted gear :)
Backup for v2.06





Arcane + Other

Added new builds and updated =>


  • Aphraell: His work on new top build for Grifts: Total Apocalypse. We all use it!
  • apo: His game mechanics sticky thread. Go check it out if you want to learn stuff.
  • BDF: Firebird's DoT Mechanics, hail Hydra, math.
  • dolynick: His Wizard tools - calculators, tables with breakpoints and plenty other goodies.
  • dominatus: His Archon Rebirth build.
  • Jaetch: [error#1861] the list is too long.
  • kiza: His Galehydra build and 2.1 PTR research.
  • Melkor: His Chainpocalypse build and epic series of threads.
  • PieHole: The Disintegrate build and effort he put to make us stronger in before 2.1.
  • WyrmSlyr: Archon in the heart. His T6 cold Wizard build.
  • yodatoy: For keeping forums alive + making triTnT owners feel good.
Cheerz for keeping the guide updated RV :)

Might i also suggest my own little chipped topaz of a guide for you to link in your op somewhere :)


It's a basic leveling guide focused around seasons - I think in time it will be forgotten and lost in the hundreds of pages in this forum but it might be nice if a new player pops in to seasons or the game in general and would like to get started and can find a link to it in your thread.

Hi Amos, added! Thanks.

Also, I've added couple of other things + edited the Credits part:


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