Visually, What is Your Favorite Weapon in Diablo III?

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I like the realistic, plausible looking weapons,

such as the longsword and the scimitar.
I just want to actually have a choice between weapons. I just started playing Monk and I am using Skorn because that is the only viable weapon for the build. I want to use a Daibo, and I want a Daibo to have a bonus for my monk. I know...silly...right? But I would say the Flying Dragon is one of the more fun looking ones! And Immortal King's Boulder Breaker is by far the most visually pleasing for me!
Many good designs, shame almost none of them get used.

Windforce, WKL, The Grandfather, Crystal Fist, just to name a few.
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker:
Is the most aesthetically pleasing & baddass looking weapon.
Vote for more animated weapons!
I actually think the design of Tyrael's sword, El'Druin is pretty epic. Would love a replica.
Bul-Kathos mighty weapons set. My first love, and I wept like a little girl when I finally gave them up. But what can you do when the mighty weapon bonus is so lame as to make them unusable as you progress to higher levels?

What a terrible, terrible waste of a beautiful design (and, indeed, an entire class of weapons).
From the over-the-top flashy ones, to more normal looking weapons, I've never had a problem with the art for any of them. If Blizzard is trying to figure out what kind of items we like, then I gotta say for me personally, I don't have a preference as far as looks go. I just want to see better designed items in terms of stats. That's it.
I would like to find some of the items in the game to be able to comment on how they look. MP10 Mp0 drops are horrible. Thanks for the terrible game.
I would chose The Grandfather probably.

My favorite one hander would be Ambo's pride if it didnt have the ugly red glow. It's still a pretty neat looking weapon though.

Sadly though both those weapons aren't really worth using...
07/12/2013 04:10 PMPosted by Zathroth
I'd go with double Demon Hand on monk as my favourite (see my eu profile, whole set looks badass ingame). Those burning claws just long for demon meat to be shred. Shame so many beautiful items are so weak at the moment.

I would like to see ur in game toon pic. Can u share it?
Devil Tongue... too bad they just don't cut it past lvl 60ish

if only I could "dye" my two current barb weapons into 2 skycutters, it would look so great!
Honestly... that's part of the reason I'm a little disappointed with how item design panned out in Diablo 3.

All of the best weapons in terms of stats look fairly bland (EF, rares,etc). I hope they either add a transmog like feature (I think more people would use it than not).

As for my favourite look, I really like The Blade of Prophecy. I think it doesn't get noticed as much as it deserves since it's not a lvl 60 item.

Editted to make my post coherant.
Maximus is probably my favorite although the name doesn't fit the style IMO.

I also really like the looks of the Bul-Kathos set weapons.
I't would be nice if this weapon (Oni Blade) was good enough to use as a main weapon on my Monk, but slow attack speed as well as Skorn being the go to weapon for a 2 hand build.

Japanese Samurai Look

Oni Blade (black weapon)
Tal Rasha's relentless pursuit
Mempo Of Twilight
Archon Gauntlets (black dye)
Natalya's Bloody Footprints
Vile wards (vanishing dye)

Maybe if a new class was introduced later on it could be a sword based class with the introduction of new sword and throwing knife legends and rares that can only be used by this class, kind of like wands for wizards and 1 hand xbows for demon hunter. Would be cool to have a hack n slash class : )

But it is so weak it made baby Jesus cry!!! ><; Please let it roll socket and lifesteal!
I've always liked the look of that Odyn Son hammer, I look forward to possibly finding a lvl 63 one in the future : )

My absolute favourite weapon skin has to be the new IK Maul, the pulse waves just look so BA. I've just had no luck finding one that works well enough for mp10 runs : P

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