Visually, What is Your Favorite Weapon in Diablo III?

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Won khim Lau is my favorite and I like all lightning weapons.
Attack Speed LEVEL 63 Mighty Weapons.
Manajuma's Carving Knife, I like the way they hold it and the poison coming out of it :D

Is both beautiful and useful (when you're in the levelling phases)

Not the most beautiful but quite original. Unfortunately it's crap.

This is a looker, but if anything, it looks even better when equipped.

This isn't very attractive, but the way it laughs at your death is quite funny, let alone original. Must be very irritating to hear that upon Hardcore death.
d3 offline mode! lol im spammin everywhere
I like the animations on Skorn and IKBB. As well the Windforce.

But by far my favorite weap to look at is the one with 1100+ dps, socket, life steal and crit damage.
shenlong to start and EF
Well, Visually I like the decapitator axe the best - reminds me of my favorite axe in D2. I use a Skorn (it was drop btw).
Sound effects wise 2 handed maces are the coolest because they sound crippling when they hit. The best look is Sledge of Athskeleng. But drop wise or AH wise there is nothing that compares to Skorn with the CD.
Axe 1 then 2 handed

Mace 1 then 2handed <Mightve made a better looking staff < Also, a possible staff

Sword 1 then 2 handed




Polearm <Couldve made nice sword
Also, the Staff Diablo broke in Act4 could work as the polearm, then sword after broken..

Thats it..The staves were weak! Some maces wouldve made bet ter staves!

Dagger: All pretty plain, even Legendaries. Just rehashes of the Commons...

Ceremonial Knife

Mighty Weapon- All of'em! They look lik ethey fit.. Size comparison

Still havent plaued my Wiz or Dh much, so imnot too sure what i like as ranged weapons go..
I also didnt double post any that were already listed (intentionally) i was trying to post what looked good, but wasnt already listed..Also, didnt feel the need to post a legendary, if it was the exact copy of its common, but with an effect..Just assume i like it as well! :) Keep the epic crafts coming Blizz, your artists are great..Stay true to Diablo for Diablo 3, not WoW plz...
d a very long post of every good looking weapon, and the dang thing way im redoing that 45mins it took...I had listed pretty much every legendary that hadnt been listed previously..

Blizzard has a GREAT weapon design team, and they seem to have good judgemnt in that aspect..I keep wth your gut with your artists renditions..The more entwined with Diablo lore, the better.. The Butchers weapons are 2 great examples.. El'Druin, was one i asked in general for many times, until finding out it wasnt obtainable..I cant believe no one mention the "Hallowed Defenders" set btw...

That said, i think all the daggers were pretty weak looking..Even the legendaries were exact replicas of the commons, with an effect...

All the 1hand maces look good, your swords are top notch, the axes vary, bbut mostly good looking..The spears were quite plain, though a few were pretty cool. I have no problem with plain either..I like my plain early, and my flashy later on, to show progress..The Mighty weapons are very good looking, 1 and 2 handed..They actually seem to 'fit' thje character by which theyre worn.I w-ouldve liked Daibo's and staves to have ben an option, but since faster attack with health steal, and high dps is the way to play, its not really viable..There was also little to no design difference in staff either now that i think of it..

I would even go so far as to say some of your more legendary/epic weapons from wow, would fit the diablo theme.. But ets keep it Diablo-esch, and vere away from the WoW look..Wow is very colorful, and cartoony, and D3 seems to be slitghtly more colorful, than diabolic/demonic, as it has been in games past..
Devil Tongue!
1-hand sword

Deadly 2 hander and probably the best 2H axe in the game assuming you got all the good rolls.....oh and the red electricity coming from the axe itself is badass. looks fitting to my gothic styled wizard.
The salvage hammer....
07/17/2013 03:30 AMPosted by CerealKiller
The salvage hammer....

We meet again my brother from another mother
The Butcher's Sickle
Pig Sticker
Sun Keeper
Monster Hunter
The Gidbinn
Won Khim Lau
Blade of The Warlord
Sledge of Athskeleng
Heart Slaughter
The Tormentor
The Paddle
The Gavel of Judgement
Slorak"s Madness
Warmonger. Just wish it compared better to a skorn, pretty sweet looking wep.
rm -rf /user/bin/Diablo3 best weapon in game.. :P

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