Visually, What is Your Favorite Weapon in Diablo III?

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Skywarden, Blackguard, Wildwood, Monster Hunter and The Raven's Wing
you know what would be cool?
if they took the model from Bryntroll
in WoW and brought it to D3.
love that axe.
Nuttin' looks more badass than a Skorn
07/21/2013 12:46 PMPosted by Zeltron

nice Ginther's Rift >.>

But it is so weak it made baby Jesus cry!!! ><; Please let it roll socket and lifesteal!

If this could roll same attributes as Skorm, this will be my favorite!
The best Weapons are the ones with Lightning! because they look AWESOME! with them sexey Lightning flashes!! yea baby!!

Won Khim Lau

The Vacuum

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