show off your hellfire

Witch Doctor
finally crafted a good hellfire ring last night, lets see your best
one on my doc is alright, better than yours at least XD

Yeah I rolled a pretty decent one too. I still use it when I'm not wearing a SoJ.
My docs hf is pretty nice.
I got a decent trifecta one on my wiz: 182 int, 9% AS, 44% CD, 4% CD, 7% life. I'll probably use it on my WD too, too much effort to try to roll a better one with average damage instead of attack speed.
Hah you have almost identical Hellfire as mine - I crafted it back in December and haven;t been able to beat it.
07/16/2013 06:44 AMPosted by darkvoid
Hell fire rings only worth using on followers LOL..

says the guy with 27k elite kills and is still plvl85
07/16/2013 06:56 AMPosted by darkvoid

says the guy with 27k elite kills and is still plvl85

I drop using one around paragon 60.

Well to each their own, but my WD is closing in on yours with 25k less elite kills.
07/16/2013 07:08 AMPosted by darkvoid
LOL how many of those kills are from the WD?

All? Not sure I understand.

Once I hit 60 I started solo xp farming in MP10 - festering woods to 5NV, leroics, FoM + crypt/den (when they spawn), and weeping hollow.

Hellfire on WD + follower, and ruby in helm.

Anyways I just thought your comment was ironic because if you hadn't stuck your hellfire on just your follower you'd be much higher level at this point. Nice gear btw, love that chest, need to get one.
All my crafts suck...the hellfire rings are on my followers
all of mine I crafted are crap.
they were better coming out then in.

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