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I downloaded d2 from battlenet and after playing I noticed that everytime I would engage a group of enemies the game would get laggy.I then looked up how to make it run faster,after typing in msconfig and turning off apps and pretty much everything else the game worked a lot better and with 0 lag.Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to turn everything back on so I took my laptop to radioshack and a guy there fixed the problem and explained to me how to do it.Also he told me that mcafee left a "big footprint".whatever that means,and that I should get windows defender instead,I typed it in under my computer and found that I already have multiple files with the name windows defender on my dell 3520 inspiron laptop.So basically my question is should I download windows defender and get rid of mcafee and that since I found files with the name windows defender does that mean it came with my pc so theres no need to download it? Also does mcafee make games run slower? Btw im an extreme noob when it comes to computers so any information would be extremely helpful.Thanks in advance.

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