Blizzard we need some PVP-Changes!

Hi at all, i am a Barb player on EU-Servers and care only on PVP

i played D3-PVP since the first day of brawling and hope that some developers may read this.

PVP-Balancing is not bad but the iteration has to go on! Here i will give my suggestions whats wrong at the moment and how to resolve the problems.

1. General PVP
- give us a viable 2 vs 2 - just let us make groups and stop friendly fire at the chapel
- char balancing is not as bad as many players think at least at ultragearlevel

2. Class-Balancing
- There are mayor problems in todays 1 vs 1 brawling!
- WD has too strong mitigation
- Sorc has no mobility
- DH is reduced to a 1 button character
- Barb has no anti crowd control (cc) exept stupid wotb-mode every 120 sec
- Monk is somehow fine in my opinion but needs to play glasscanon and incredible great gear

3. What to change (my suggestions)
- WD: delete the spirit vessel passive, give spirit walk no longer an dispel of aoe and dot effects (just immunity to the damage for the duration of the walk)
- DH: bring rapid fire back to 1.05 status maybe lower the recources cost for pve; Impale needs an ~10% dmg buff
- Sorc: strongly reduce the cd of the teleport skill - 2 sec should be ok
- Barb: give ignore pain an additional 2 sec cc immunity and change overpower crushing advanced rune form 35% absorbshield to a 1 sec cc-breaker; nerf the wotb rune 100% more dmg to 33% and buff the duration to 20 sec up from 15 sec.

If the developers have no special ideas for the next time maybe these suggestions could help... at least it should be worth trying. These are really no big gamechanges but they could increase the pvp-feelings and give the broken leaque-situation some hope.

thx for reading

Executioner, brawling is not a PvP. And Blizz will not develop PvP because we have already payed for that. So now they invent some new "cool stories" (itemization2.0 & Co). They just lie to everyone in order to promote D3, but there are no any guarantees that they will keep their promises.

So forget about PvP because there is no any reasons to think that they will ever do something good with it.

Now I know that blizzard managers are swindlers and I have very bad attitude towards them. While I still play D3, I know for sure that I'll never ever preorder anything made by blizzard and I will not believe anythingblizzard promotes untill I see it done.
07/14/2013 02:05 AMPosted by Male
Blizz will not develop PvP because we have already payed for that.

Blizzard does follow-up on games after release and they usually do a good job of it, it just takes forever for something to happen. So yes, they are developing PvP and it will probably be finished with the release of patch 1.1.0, however, that means it will not be finished until next year.

As of now, yeah brawling is unbalanced, but its still fun. If you are using an underpowered class, like a wizard, you are going to lose more often than you win. That does not mean you can not still have a good time, you just have to do enough pub game searches until you find people that are equally matched to you.
before changing skills, they should adjust universal damage first.

- reduce damage further to 40-45% from the 30-35% in Brawling now.
- reduce all damage from all critical hits only in PvP by 1/2 (Wave of Light hits for 1 million, reduced to 500k)
- elite damage and elite damage reduction items affect critical damage only( ie: 30% soj adds 30% crit damage, 7% litany reduces all critical hit damage taken by 7%)
- limit all CC abilities to affect players in PvP for no more than 3 seconds. (ie: Hex will last 3 seconds max instead of 5+ seconds) Multiple CC spells used consecutively within 10 seconds will have diminishing returns similar to elite monster recovery time.
- DOT spells cannot stack more than once per player, and have a reduced chance to critical strike based on the spell's individual proc coefficient combined with player critical chance. (each tick should take into account chance to critical based off the proc coefficient, instead of every tick critical striking if the initial application critical hits) reduces DOT damage overall and prevents excessive critical damage DOTS.
- Add a new Brawling zone for each Act based on each zones unique terrain. Allow the option for 2v2 team play.

I do not agree that class skills should be changed if it will affect PvE. Skills should only be changed if it works in PvP ONLY. The 2 should remain separate. Skill balance can come later after universal damage mitigation is added. Critical hit damage being too high is the primary cause for imbalance in Brawling currently, so the focus should initially be on balancing that, or at least toning it down. DOT spells also do too much damage when they critical hit, so they should be reworked for PvP. CC abilities are mostly fine, but a few last too long in comparison to others, so limiting the max CC PvP duration is the easiest fix. Players should count as elite monsters when it comes to CC to prevent perma stun tactics. New maps would just be great for variety and improvement of strategic competition. Hopefully, each Act's brawling zone is unique and provides different advantages to different classes and builds.

A lot of those changes lead to more stalemates.

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