The Five Kingdoms: Barbarian Wing

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-You don't need 4 piece Innas. Your monk should be able to spam Overawe and Cyclone, so if you can't cast SW once in awhile, you have bigger problems. Speaking of which, you should consider using Quickening for better spirit generation.
-You're gonna run Guided Light, right? Chances are you're gonna drop Beacon, as its only benefit is Serenity reduction.
-Eye of the storm is not a great rune. Implosion means less recasts.
Does Cyclone Strike work (pull them in) on Ubers? I've never tried it or seen a monk using it in Ubers so I didn't know...
i dont think it works on bosses (pull them in) but the buff with GL still works
07/26/2013 11:53 AMPosted by rezide
i dont think it works on bosses (pull them in) but the buff with GL still works

Gotcha. Makes sense. I'm only proficient with TR builds so I'm still learning other Monk builds. Plus I'm fairly noobish to Ubers LOL
The build looks good, only thing i'd change is FoT-Thunder clap to FoT-Quickening for more spirit regen. As for inna's 4 set i have to agree with Death because EP/Overware/CS are all spirit spender(40/50/50 ..all big spender) and the 70 reduction gonna be a big help. Also personally i prefer DS over Serenity so you guys might wanna give it a try to see how it goes?
with dbl ls is the lpss from innas set really worth it, plus ur losing out on some spirit gen from having more ias by having a wh belt imho
What makes me most nervous are the guys using two WD's...they're gonna be bringing a lot of peak damage. Siege/kulle and rak/ghom are going to be smooth for them as long as they build their wizards well, which I'm sure they will. I think we could have made barb+wd very strong, but I like team barb having two barbs.
07/26/2013 01:46 PMPosted by silverfire
barb+wd very strong

the biggest surprise to me of all in this challenge so far is the no use of WD here. COB damage is nuts. But you are the barb team after all I guess :) WD are kind of inexpensive to build as well as they naturally pack a lot of AR through intel.
makes a lot of sense I didn't think about windup and chasing I always neglect the fact that stuff runs away :P I wonder then if that won't actually be a detriment to team WD

also now that you mention it barb probably does have higher average damage and faster naturally in wrath then other classes. WD might have a dps advatige on stage 2 bellial do to the fact he doesn't move.

you all have a lot to factor in on this challenge I don't envy :)
I think we're at a disadvantage versus teams with one or two witch doctors in belial and quite possibly azmodan since wotb is tricky at the beginning of core. Diablo has enough phases that they won't be advantaged. For ubers, I think they have a high likelihood of beating us in both realm of turmoil and chaos as the wizard should be keeping them locked down. In discord, I think the more barbs the merrier. WD's will probably have to gear defensively enough for this one that it'll indirectly penalize them in the other fights, plus there will be basically no bbv snapshotting possible, and wind up time overheads will become prevalent due to how much moving around is needed.

Death might have to bring out shakazulu to run the full gamut for us to get a better idea.
silver I never said you have to go with Insanity Quake or WD, I only wanted you to go and test all options BEFORE making the final decision...which I heard didn´t happen because the team composition was decided by a single person before any real party test was made. That was my only concern with what happened and I didn´t even want to talk about it in the forums, it´s not my call and the decision´s been made. Let´s move forward.

We all know WD damage is insane. It´ll be interesting to see if the double WD teams will be able to RNG squeeze in the necessary videos (I think most teams will rely on the relatively unlimited tries aspect and go borderline EHP contrary to Barb team "respond to any situation" approach which makes the competition even more interesting for viewers) and pull off high uptime on CoB. If they do, they should win the competition, given the challenge types (mostly stationary targets), because CoB is ridiculous.

That being said, I kind of like that team Barb is using two Barbs and tries to prove how good Barb is and what might surprise non barb players, run without warcry in a party (or so I heard) - because that is what is usually expected from Barb - but I do understand that the likely better option is to go full offense otherweise barb couldn´t be considered a heavy hitter in the team. I also like the fact that you guys give the supposedly support classes damage output. Props to that. I personally could never play a full support role in a team, I like to deal damage too much :p

So, I´m looking forward to hear more about your tests of course and the thought process behind it. I´ve said it on many occasions but I´m not all-knowing and don´t think I am. There´s always new stuff to learn.

Good luck and have fun.
We've only started testing. In my head, I still haven't ruled out wd 100%. I'm sure Death has, but I'm also sure he'd be willing to change his mind if it could be shown that having one were decisively worthwhile. I would prefer two barbs if for no other reason than that it'd be symbolic as we're team barb.

We tried Death's wd, which is worth somewhere around 3b according to him, last night against azmodan. The difference when just looking at azmodan in isolation was noteworthy, but still not as large as its made out to be, and when added to the entire core run, was negligible. (We don't have a totally clear picture yet because the core runs are dictated soo much by someone would usually screw up in some way, oftentimes myself jumping in while frost nova was on cooldown and getting myself killed)

Double insanity wrathquake was just plain bad. The gear level at this budget isn't high enough to down any of the bosses quickly enough for it to be viable for a speedkill.

There are simply so many variables at play here that its impossible to test absolutely everything. How each individual character is geared actually greatly impacts how all of the others are impacted because of the constrained budget. CoB having a massive damage multiplier is only a part of the picture.

If the barb had to use war cry, it'd be compromised in its damage output, which would then force the need of its budget being toned down in order to presumably accommodate a pricier WD to be the main damage dealer.

It's a good thing that all the teams are using very distinct approaches. No matter what it is, the final outcome will certainly be enlightening.
Can't you change specs for different events though? Couldn't the Wiz just go Archon for the Belial fight?
Archon is likely the worst possible option when it comes to this challenge.

@ team: cool Wiz. Recently I´ve spent more time playing a Wiz than any other of my characters, so I´ll give this a try. Assuming there is no second gear set for him, let´s look at the options:

1. Arcane Mines - out of the question because with more than 1.90476 aps you´re actually losing eDPS as you´re laying them faster than they explode (you may have max 6 out).

2. Keep Wicked Wind, change Evocation and Nova to Conflagration and a Fire skill, which was my initial thought.

Death said Nova is rather useless in the Belial fight and they have a Monk which should be more than enough to keep sutff together on the road to Belial for Smash spam.

Sparkflint gives you a 12% damage bonus and deals fire damage (Conflag) but I´d probably test Liquefy first. Both options should keep Conflag up for the party all the time (when the Liquefy impact crits you get a 8 sec burning DoT instead of a 3 sec one).

Meteor Shower could be surprisingly damaging. I pointed out the difficulty of firing Meteor Shower against B in the Wiz forums but I was told it is possible by shooting from the side or something like that. Needs testing.

Actually, you´d lose the multiplicative Cold Blooded bonus without Nova (now that I think about it, is it even possible to activate Cold Blooded vs B? I´ll try to test it), but I´d consider going Unstable Anomaly against Belial anyway.

Also, Shocking Aspect is pretty much useless against Belial and double Smash should make quick work of pre-Belial without the need for that skill. Which means, you would change the armor rune to either Frozen Storm - if you want to keep Cold Blooded, plus the melee reduction vs B´s punches isn´t bad as well, or run Energy Armor (EA).

EA gives you armor and either crit chance = more damage (Pinpoint) or virtual immortality (Force Armor) alongside Anomaly. That choice of skills could turn the Wiz into a facetank snapshot beast hmm (the team would be losing the bubble unless you stopped the channeling to recast it).

3. Ray of Frost - Sleet Storm or Snow Blast over Wicked Wind.

Snow Blast equals SS dps after 1.5 sec and has a higher proc coeffiicient than Sleet Storm which would be almost impossible to channel against a single target at such a high aps, unless you bought a cheap 5 crit Crow (they cost like 3m in EU) to have 3 APOC sources...would have to be tested though.

zylog has some exp with SS and it would definitely be more useful in that challenge until Belial enters the battlefield, after which point Snow Blast would be the better choice (also ranged over standing close to Belial).

RoF should outdamage Wicked Wind and deal a suprising amount of damage if you snapshot Monk buffs properly (which I´m sure zylog could do well). I´m not sure about Explosive Blast in here hmmm.

4. Arcane Torrent - Disruption or Death Blossom. Don´t laugh, I´m serious.

Disruption gives itself a 15% additive damage bonus but probably can´t deal as much damage as RoF. What speaks for Arcane Torrent is the fact that a SoJ would be very cheap and make it quite easy to channel Torrent with high aps.

Death Blossom could be the most damaging Wiz skill but needs to be tested first how to optimize the position so that Belial is hit by as many missiles as possible. I know it´s kind of the opposite of "adjust to a situation" as it can get with the random missiles, but the last stage of Belial is kind of big. Probably not a good option because other than last phase of Belial you wouldn´t be actually hitting much lol.

EDIT: forget Cold Blooded altogether. I just tested it and didn´t get the bonus against B´ last phase (it works against the previous one though). Conflagration does work.

sleet storm + echoing blast!egh!YZccaZ
torrent + echoing blast!egh!ZZccaZ

dynamo sleet storm!egT!ccZYaZ
- party: 10% conflag, 20% damage bubble or 10% IAS bubble
- self: 10% conflag 75% dynamo 12% sparkflint, 20% bubble (+97%/+117% damage) or 10% IAS bubble, 5% crit chance pinpoint

Prism rune on Diamond Skin to help channeling high aps Sleet Storm. The problem with SS would be life gain as you´d need life steal.

Btw. if you read the CM research in the Wiz compendium recently, the >2.50 aps breakpoint on RoF is among the best when it comes to CM procs (I´d change Unity to a SoJ).
yes nubtro apo and others like urself are beastly when it comes to research
nubtro im curious as to whether or not crippling wave-concussion or jungle fortitude drops the dmg done by belial during his lightning bolts phase
did u ever test that out?

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