Itemization patch may fix this game.

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By a long shot I believe it would fix the game by 60-80%.

It has to be a complex itemization patch.
Since most agrees that only IAS, CD,CC, All Res, Vit, Main stat, are the only viable stats.

Itemization can fix that without much overhauling the system.
Affixes should great, and well thought of.

+ Damage for non crit
+ chance to double/triple damage for non-crit
+ quadruple/5x damage to stunned/fear
% dodge goes to melee reduction
% dodge goes to +critical damage / +non critical damage
(1-10%) dexterity decrease damage by 1-3%
+ non critical damage %
blocked amount increases damage by %
experience % increases HP for 10-30% on hit
+% damage to feared/frozen/knockbacked enemies
% chance to splash %damage to nearby enemies
% chance to bounce damage by 100-300% to enemies
% dex/str/int increases weapon damage by %
skill damage increase by %arcane/fire/poison/cold resistance
% of off stat increases minimum/max damage
% chance to cost no resource when attack speed within 1-1.2
Life after kill explodes as % damage to nearby enemies
Life regen excess adds to armor
-%enemy armor for every arcane/poision/fire/cold/lightning/physical resistance on item
% to decrease enemy damage when life is 40%
80-100% chance to stun/knockback for 2-3 secs enemy every 1-2 seconds.

The best thing blizz can do is drastically scale back monster power health and boost monster damage. Then people will gear more "balanced" and less "glassy" right now 95% of people are seriously obsessed with dps and overpay for it.
07/14/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Ace
The best thing blizz can do is drastically scale back monster power health and boost monster damage. Then people will gear more "balanced" and less "glassy" right now 95% of people are seriously obsessed with dps and overpay for it.

They'd have to scale back player damage, if they're scaling back monster health; right now, the highest DPS players in the game can already kill monsters so quickly that incoming damage is moot.

They'd also need to restore players' defensive skills, if they're going to restore monster damage; they nerfed damage because they were nerfing defensive skills, in order to encourage players to build more offensively.
This topic has been understood by everyone for the longest time.

Primary stats, IAS%, CHD%, and CHD% provide sheet DPS increase where everyone tries to compete for. There are other non-(direct)-calculated DPS where itemization doesn't allow, but is often overlooked because everyone's so caught up and upset with the items and drop rates, e.g., WD can almost "perma"-mass-confusion, to have elite packs destroy themselves, damage reduced from melee, ranged, and elite attacks in addition to armor+AR.
It is definitely the biggest issue with the game. Some sort of ladder would help too so people could reroll and have fun with the same class again. When someone asks how should I gear my Barbarian there should be at least 5 or 6 different answers and the correct one should depend on what spec you are, and right now there is maybe 2.
What really changed?

Actually nothing much since May 2012.

They made the game easier, MP to scale difficulty and fix MF. Adds paragon to grind level 100. They buff legendary drops. They tweak class skills and produced more viable builds. Major nerf to IAS so players start using CC/CHD and realize LS scales better at high dps.

The only contents added *IMO* were:-

1) Hellfire ring quest *aka Ubers*
2) Crafting.

This game aint broken to being with, what is there to fix?
There will still be a problem. As all of the core stats - Dex, Vit, Str, Int, are all on the items, and carry the bulk of stat allocation. It defeats itself. The item system makes itself shallow.

It's a domino effect that kills itemization.

Items like Mara's, Frostburn, Skull Grasp, etc. all get neglected because there's too much giving up of core stats. Which is pretty damn funny in Mara's case, especially since it has all the core stats on it(but SO little on base roll). And many set bonuses with only 130 of a main stat is laughable the more main stat you already have from other gear - like a 25% damage increase when you have no main stat at all from items all the way to 5% and lower the more you get it. Item bonuses getting WORSE over time, heh.

I personally see it hard to change things unless they remove the core stats from the items and allow us enough item independent stat points to reach breakpoints like 3k main stat 2k vitality(if we choose to do so), BEFORE we equip the gear.

Furthermore, the affix rolls on items are so freaking broad. You can roll res on an item and it'll give you like 15 res when it can go up to 80. That's too much of a gap. Coupled with how life steal degenerated how health restoration works in this game, basically watering down the health globe system and turning globe/potion, life on kill, life on hit, and many other affixes into empty rolls.

THEN to add to that... Paragon levels have no meaning except for making more item rolls empty, such as Magic Find and Gold Find.

THEN Bleed and Thorns, don't scale with todays MPs(and barely did before them), making them continue to be empty.

The deeper you go into the game's itemization, it LOSES layers of depth. It shouldn't be like that, and this is why I think the itemization is flawed as is. I hope for Items 2.0 it's completely scrapped and reworked, maybe that's why it's going to take awhile.
Like, I've been trying to figure out what the dev's thought process was with this.

Do they want us for example to rock the 4-5 piece of a class specific set, then use the 2-piece weapon/dual/offhand combo, then 2-pieces from another core stat sharing class?

Then craft the archon pieces to make up for either the need for Vit or more class stat, and THEN equip items like Mara's or what?
The op seems confused. Itemization is not adding stats like he posted but to make the gear more useful to the class it drops for.

I'm hoping that after it happens the game is set so all those in mp10 with just dps an no resources are dumped back to mp10. Innas should not be able to be equiped by bars ect. I laugh at people whining about rng but then I see them eith other set items than the class they play. RNg made that possible.
Don't hold your breath, friend.
From this page, I'd like to point out the obvious question. I await their answers. :) It will probably be up on Monday or Tuesday.

- The most popular suggestion/request is for bottomless dungeons, open world mode, more variety in level design - and monster. Can you talk about design ideas for those things and if we’ll see them in the future?

- Do we need 4 difficulty levels? Clearing all the same content 3x per character (especially if you’re Hardcore) gets tedious. Can you just rescale the exp progression once we’ve got Act 5 in the expansion so characters go 1-40, 41-60, and than right into Inferno? (We debated the Fearsome Fifties concept a bit after this question.)

- Fix to the controls, adding a hotkey so LMB doesn’t have to be used with an active skill (especially in a game without a nopickup option) and can just be default attack, door open, chest open, body click, etc.

- More social features and game options, such as named games D2 style?

- How much of the Console economy was tested into Inferno, and how much is a test bed for future D3 PC changes, ala no Auction House?

- Are you guys aware that most fans feel the key element of an Ironborn mode is that it’s a separate ecology and economy. That Ironborn would have to *not* mix with AH-permitting chars? (They said yes, which made me happy.)

- Item binding is a useful tool for economy improvements, as it creates an item and gold drain, and permits higher quality gear w/o screwing up the whole economy. Are there plans to implement or increase that in the future, such as via Mystic enhancements?

- Are the upcoming Legendary item improvements with cool procs like double Hydra, Earthquake upon Leaping, Black hole of doom on kill, etc, meant to be novelties like Blaze from Fire Walkers or Demonic Fire Chains from Maximus? Or are they meant to be big strategic components and build-making gear? (Or both?)

- Is the future plan for itemization changes to affixes to nibble around with and tweak current modifiers, or to totally redo the system such as changing the benefits of attributes, or both?

- Can single target skills ever compete with AoE attacks in a game with 50 monsters on the screen at all times?

- Can the Demon Hunter, the squishiest of all classes, and hardly seen in Hardcore, get a death-cheating NDE-type skill like the Wizard, Monk, and Witch Doctor have, and which the Barb doesn’t need?

- Purple-named Monsters are a wasted feature since they have cool lore and names and effects, but die so quickly and drop 2 blues and a stack of gold. Can they be improved and made more relevant?

- Why not an esports-ready PvP system with pre-made chars as we saw (and loved) in Blizzcon 2010 and 2011 demos? That could be balanced for even and fair and fun play in a way that our current characters with wildly-differing gear quality never can be.)

- Will we see the Diablo 3 Expansion debut at Blizzcon this year? (The answer was not, “No comment.”)
If Blizz nerfs/caps CD and scales down monster power health and doubles damage, this will restore some balance to the game. Shields should become valuable again if they do things right in item patch. IMHO best Ideea I`ve seen out there
It could fix the game! Of course, you should remember that the people that thought the original item system was super-awesome are the same people now charged with fixing the game.

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