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No matter how much gear and affixes they put into this game the fundamental system is still in place;

An boring MMO gear-upgrade progression system with all our characters preset and the same since we are still 100% gear...

Still no hero building or character customization (no reason to make two Babas) so it won't change a thing
07/20/2013 11:01 PMPosted by kamVINCI
adding more affixes? wow, now my probability to get item with the affix that i want is less than before? nope. doesnt fix anything.

You don't seem to get it. It's not more affixes just for the sake of it. It's more compelling affixes to promote exciting and different gear choices. Complementing that problem is the fact that a single item can have way too many good affixes. Trifecta items are the clearest example of this. When you have only a handful of decent affixes, and the most overpowered ones can appear together, the odds of finding something good are greatly diminished. If you have many more compelling affixes that can't all appear together, options start to branch out.

Take a look at how items were in D2. Many times you'd have to sacrifice some stats in order to have access to others. Damage reduction would be the easiest example here. Items like Vampire gaze, shaftstop or stormshield didn't feature +skills, one of the most sought after properties. Vamp gaze and shaftstop didn't feature all resists, while stormshield featured a moderate amount of them.

This sort of relative balance between affixes made itemization very exciting, because you'd always have many different options to gear up your characters. This was made less apparent in 1.10 when grossly overpowered runewords were introduced, but even at that level you could still see the same pattern. Some specific cases where way too good to the point of being gamebreaking, enigma being the clearest example. Enigma is to D2 what trifecta items are to D3. Gamebreaking items that make everything else look bad, although at least in D2 that's just one screwed up item slot. However, at least there wasn't as much garbage in D2 as there is in D3, and mid level loot was still extremely satisfying. Finding an occulus would still be somewhat satisfying even when a lot of folks ran around fashioning a HoTO flail. Even with stupidly overpowered items like enigma in the game, finding a skullder's ire or a tals plate was still a great thing.

The other part that made D2 itemization successful was restricted variation. Items had some degree of variation, but it wasn't as drastic as it is for D3 where everything is obscenely randomized, resulting in a painfully frustrating loot hunting experience. For example, D2's windforce barely had any variation, and then again, it was just a 2% difference in the manaleech portion. When you saw a unique hydra bow drop, you already knew you had found a phenomenal item. In D3, even if you happen to find an unid helm with the graphic of a mempo, you automatically conform to the idea that it still has way too high chances of being garbage because of how random loot is. Finding beams of light isn't exciting at all, and more often than not you'll be disappointed with it because 99%+ of the loot is so awfully bad. At least the devs seem to have acknowledged the problem with extreme variation. Let's hope they actually live up to their word and deliver something less frustrating.
All this game needs is TONS OF DIVERSITY IN ALL POINTS
One this seriously needs to be addressed. Crit damage is ruining the game. Because crit damage is so grossly overpowered, pretty much everybody is funneled into the same gear, and that is a Skorn/Manticore (wizards and WDs can skirt this with a great offhand and a high crit weapon), and whatever else gives crit damage when possible, and the most crit, and the highest primary stat. 3 total stats are really looked at, and everything else is just there. You don't even need defensive stats because with how insignificant armor and resists are, it is much easier to use offense as the best defense.

As the game stands, it is pretty much just a massive DPS race, and that is pretty boring. Buff regular damage, cut down the impact of primary stats, cap crit at 200%, and make secondary effects (like bleeds and CC) more useful and impactful. Also, normalize monster damage. If I have 60% reduction from armor, and another 50% from resists, there is no reason I should be getting hit for over 20k by any attack, and I should not be able to take over 10k/sec because I was walled in on the plagued and molten enemies.

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