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I am shocked that Brand and/or marketing has decided to reduce the price of the preorder to boost sales! Each of those sales will now be worth less to the company, and this doesn't resolve the reason why preorders are low (at least from what comments have been on the forums). People are hesitant to preorder with the looming second gen consoles coming, and no info about whether they need to purchase the game a second time ( for both disc and digital forms), and even more importantly if ps3 chars can continue play on the ps4 game. Silence on these issues makes it look like the answers to these questions are not in our favor, and greatly de-incentivizes these preorders. If it can be worked out so that at least player info moves forward, and this is announced, it would improve orders WAY more than a 10$ price drop. 50$ instead of 60$ wasted for someone planning to upgrade is still a lot to waste. Please give the information we need to make educated decisions, so we can fill your coffers with our money. Otherwise, it feels like you are out to fleece us.
Most things these days have preorder deals, the $10 off deal is far from abnormal and people who have already ordered get the deal as well if they ordered from that store or could simply cancel there order and reorder it.

Don't listen to the forums when it comes to sales/preorders. That is just people assuming because they don't like something no one will.

No PS3 games or 360 games will work on XBone/PS4 so yes you will have to buy another copy if you wish to play on them. This has already been confirmed.

As for PS3 on PS4 characters, that's more up to how Sony handle the PSN not so much blizz, but I find it unlikely.
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Well no wonder sales are so lackluster. And while it keeps those who have preordered up to now happy to be included, they just lost a lot of money on the preorder. I am positive the difference between 60 and 50 is not going to dramatically increase sales because this is not what is stopping people from purchasing. And now Blizzard loses 1/6th of it's revenue up to this point. The only reason they would drop the price is if the felt the incentive would cause more money to come in from new preorders than they lose with the discount. I think they are going to be sorely disappointed.

On the PS4, some PS3 games will be playable by streaming. I don't understand what would make char file importation a Sony decision, would be a matter of programming and storage on the hard drive, no?

Just my two-cents, and I won't be buying this version only to have to buy it again so soon. Only a year-and-a-half on the PC version and now starting over sucks as it is. Wish the console came at launch.
Sales are a lot better than you seem to think. If you check Amazon for example the console version is their 4th highest selling PS3 game, beating a lot of games that are already out.

2 days ago it was 11th, so that just shows sales are going up.

As for PS3 games on PS4, it's all up to sony how they handle it. Yes some games are going to be able to be streamed but I think it would be very unlikely sony would do anything to let people transfer saves.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
07/19/2013 11:45 PMPosted by Vermelhus
(at least from what comments have been on the forums).

I wouldn't put much stock in forum comments, especially this game's official forums.

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