Feature request for upcoming patch.

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Blizz, another wishful thinking.

I usually leave items behind.

I was hoping you can add an option before creating a game, to allow other players to see my loot, or maybe shared loot for all the players in the game.

No greed or need. Just pure shared loot. Heck even the gold if possible.

I'm sure not everyone would agree, that's why it has to be a on/off option.
This would make it way easier for when I quad-box, my three extra accounts could share-loot and my main account could pick up all the loot and I wouldn't have to xfer all my stuff all the time.
All they need for this is make it so the host of the game can adjust the visible item threshold. I usually don't care about blues, so anything rare and up I pick up. I wouldn't mind other players being able to take the blues I don't want.
No. They had a reason for making it this way. You get you're drops the others get theirs. I see no problems here. If you leave it then it simply goes away.

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