Time to say goodbye.

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Just wanted to say I've hit that wall and am moving on, This isn't a complaint thread but a thank you for giving me that many hours of entertainment for 60 bucks. I've enjoyed the fun, meeting amazing new friends in the world of Sanctuary, the chaos and negativity of the forums, being a part of a great community of players over on twitchtv, and the chance to revisit one of my favourite franchise titles growing up... but alas it's time is over.

With the re-design of itemization not coming until the xpac, and with the inherent lack of content to use said items that will be developed with the game in its current state, there really isn't much for me to do any more in game until all of this is figured out by the development team.

Best of luck to all of you and thank you Blizzard, I hope the expansion is everything that you and I dream it could be.

It's time for this Wizard to throw his Chant Force on the shelf.
Yay, a non-idiotic "I'm quitting" thread!

See you later.
Good post OP! :)

Look forward to your return with future patches and new content. I too am starting to play a little less and will likely take a break and play some other titles until the 2014 updates.

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