Worst Item on WD above u!

Witch Doctor
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I am sure it does. But I still have no problems with mana, which is probably due to my playstyle and run.

woods - leorics- hollows - fields: repeat.

I attract large mobs of units with locust swarm. Kill. and move on.
coupled with my spirit walk which is always refreshed when I need it + 32PUR w/grave injustice, I am never out of mana. And this is on mp10.

I know you guys have played the WD lots, but I am doing just fine with my gear on mp10. How else would i reach plvl80 in under 100 hours if I was having mana issues?

Im having a hard time believing that you can do MP 10 with the specs that i am seeing in you profile. having PtV will get all you mana, or your profile havent updated yet. you got 160k dps with PtV, you dont have any mob skill showing. in your profile. please correct me and tell me what skills are you using cause maybe your profile is just not updated
that was for playing some pvp..

run the typical CoB build
that was for playing some pvp..

run the typical CoB build

Very solid in some places. Personally I think your Blackthornes leave a lot to be desired. You're running a TON of PUR for your skill selection. Just a ton. Like a laughable amount versus the range at which you can actually kill a target.

You don't need the PUR on the boots, but they're okay. You REALLY don't need the PUR on the blackthorne's and they hold you back on DPS.
@superpope - shoulders. Can get a pair of vile wards with more vit and int + 300 armor on the GAH.
@ pens

I guess your gloves because they aren't trifecta. :P I think you're good...

Btw, does your ammy have the hidden min dmg mod?

Your Witchung Hour. More AR, AS and %Life would be nice.


Ummm... hmmm.. errr... ammm.. I just feel like you should be a wizard.... err... maybe your rings?
@mugel your trails I guess? I hate critiquing people who every slot is better than mine :P
The carving knife is not ideal because not black damage, so not enhanced by the +% poison damage from your boots, and also no socket obviously.
Go for a rare socketed crit damage + lifesteal 1h mace or spear.

Other than the name (should be ZeroDogAustrailianShepherd) Boots have low int-roll, neck has low crit damage, but overall amazing gear!
worst gear, worst gear........ hmmmm were is your worst gear? i cant see any bad gear, theres no worst gear on u its all tie, its all great its all very nice its all top tier.

ur gears are all tie for worst, iam sorry dude
Tough one, Mugel. I would say gloves...but if attack speed isn't an issue, which I am assuming it isn't because of your chest piece, I would say you're in pretty good shape. Your rare ring has nice average damage...seemingly enough to make up for the lack of max crit. Nice Doc.
@Hours: Vision. Gives away more stats than the chest. Only thing you really still need is resists, though.

I guess your soj Cruz its not fire bats. :p

Nice gears overall bro.
@ Moridin,

Can't see any PUR on any of your gear? Kinda wasting the gruesome feast passive. Solid damage and hp though!

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