Allow us the option to see sellers' names on AH

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Allowing us to contact the seller for an item can expand communication within the game immensely, and bring back that classic diablo feeling of bargaining while in a trade. Economy is broken right now and seeing some of the prices people ask for some items is insane. These are the items people need to progress but they are just simply out of reach. Contacting the seller to make an offer and trade in game is much more satisfying
Oh I can see it now:
"WTF you want 2 bil for that POS?!"

Oh I can see it now:
"WTF you want 2 bil for that POS?!"


Exactly. I have a suspicion this would be more a harassment tool than anything else.
Alright we'll that's where you can educate the person about their asking price being too high and actually have a chance to obtain the item instead of staring an item locked in the AH for 1 billion you could really use
You're telling me if you saw something in there that you knew was way over priced and wanted to equip, your first response to them would be wtf youre asking XX for your piece of sh1t item? You have serious problems otherwise. It would be in your best interest not to insult the seller if you want them to come down in price (remember trading in d2????!!!!)

It is almost no different than d2's system of creating a game saying XXX ft or XXX 4 XX
The people that are interested in negotiating the price will spam trade or post on the trade forums. The people using the AH arent really interested in anything other than getting their offering price. And they sure as hell dont want people spamming them telling them they dont like their prices.
While your intentions may be to legitimately educate someone about pricing, you have to keep in mind the kind of crowd gamers are.

If you don't agree with those prices, just don't buy them. If nobody buys them, that should be enlightening enough for them to realize they're probably overpricing anyways.
This is a great idea. Really, it is. Flippers will be known and you don't have to cater to their business. Friend Requests other than gold resellers. Show off that great negotiation skills. They can expand on that by allowing people to search what userid is selling what.
there's no need to educate. if a price is too high then it won't sell and it will eventually be re-listed for less. the only use I can see is if we could make offers this way but we technically already have an OBO system with bids. it's unnecessary and it would just turn the AH into a huge trollathon.
and the names are:

chang, huang, lee, 亚伯拉罕, 阿德里昂, ......
Maybe you guys just don't look hard enough at some of the asking prices these people want

I see this so often it just makes me sick. for example Looking for a ring starting at 10m /20m / 30 /45 /45/ 50 /75 /100m with +1500 /-780/ 1100/ /-204 /1000 /102/ 1800 with each price and damage respectively.

So you all do not agree with this feature added ontop of the rock bottom drop rates, itemization, zero communication in general or trade chat? (Which I bet less then 1% of items bought happen from channels. Absolutely pathetic. D3 is a ghost town)

You would all rather just look at the prices in the AH and buy in to any demand they ask without any say in it? So this is what the game has come to.....
I don't know if you forgot but there is no such thing as finding your own gear unless you stick to self found. If you don't buy the overpriced gear you do not progress and then people quit like the millions who already have after spending countless hours for no reward
You already have a way to communicate with the seller - either bid what you are willing to pay or don't buy it. If nobody bids then the seller gets a clear message about the price. Listing the seller name, as others noted, would end up with people being harassed.
Also, I believe the trade chat channels allow for your negotiation skills to shine, since you're dealing directly with the seller.
07/19/2013 11:58 AMPosted by Garthandal
If you don't buy the overpriced gear you do not progress and then people quit like the millions who already have after spending countless hours for no reward

Then you have a choice:
1.Buy overpriced gear

that is a GREAT attitude for this game especially in the condition it is in. there is clearly no one playing anymore except botters

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