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Why isn't this a thing? And by this I mean every idea in this post.
I saw a post on this from the DiabloFans facbook feed and logged in after going almost 6 months without playing D3 just to voice my support. This is exactly the type of thing that would bring me back to D3...better hurry though, with FFXIV coming out and SE proving they listen to their fans and care about their game I don't see how Blizzard will compete with that MMO/RPG market. FFXIV is everything Blizzard needed to stay relevant.
Please, for the sake of your own game listen to this man! I read lots but rarely post, but felt obligated to comment on this thread in the hopes a blue will respond in depth. I have not played in a while now because the game has barely any depth. D3 needs a scroll of resurrection!
07/22/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Tyler
Why isn't this a thing? And by this I mean every idea in this post.

because not everything is golden, some are downright flawed.

really, try reading all the pages.

unless you think its compelling that starting any game means you need 3 hours dedicated to it to be competitive for one thing. or that having 3bil is sufficient to get you perfect gear on all slots.
blue will never respond to this, and even if they do (0.00000000000000000001%) they will reply by saying "we will think about it" which means no

This is an amazing idea. I hope a dev sees this, it'd help D3 A LOT.
oh look another awesome post plump full of interesting ideas that OBLITERATES the current game.

another list of ideas that will probably never happen

another list of ideas that could be used for inspiration to greatly improve the current state of item finding.....and never will

awesome. lets all hold our breath for another 6 months and see what they announce.....im sure it will be amazing....
I support your ideas and think they are cool to .

I do hope bliz does something.
I already expressed my appreciation for your well thought out and constructive post. I will go a step further and say that if these type of things are NOT in the expac or future updates, I will mostly likely pass on anything else from Blizzard.

Look on the bright side, if you would have posted about reaching paragon 100, that would have been acknowledged by a blue! :)
Seriously I've been critical about a lot of things but this post seems to create a solution to all of them. What I really like is your legendary idea with the "open skill rune slot", this is a perfect way to approach the "what if I don't like the special legendary spell". The skill rune system would have HUGE HUGE potential if it was supported with consistent patches always coming out with new legendary's that gave new "skill runes for the open skill slot". Mostly because if a new build is figured out not everyone can just switch to it without having the items for the skill rune. But legendarys would have to be rare enough for that to be possible. Great ideas all of them.
Absolutely amazing! I got excited just thinking about playing your version of loot 2.0, well done.
I logged in for the first time in 3 months to tell you: this is awesome.
Some brilliant ideas are here. In a parallel universe you could be a Diablo3 Lead Game Designer.

So this sucks to live in current universe :(
Logged in to say that these suggestions sound so amazing. They do make it even harder to play the game as it is now; knowing the actual potential to have FUN with your suggestions.
Brilliant! None of the official posts about future road map is as exciting as this one.
These ideas are so awesome, would love to see this kind of new stuff. Opens up the endgame alot more.

Great work!
All of your ideas are brilliant! I really do hope that a blue see's this. Blizz should give this guy a job....

Everyone that is interested in the suggested changes here, should get on twitter and tweet this post or the original one on DiabloFans to Travis Day

We can all sit here and hope a dev reads it, but lets take it into our own hands and try to spread the word to the devs our selves.

Just sitting here hoping won't get anything done.

So everyone blow up Travis Day's Twitter, and any important dev's Twitter with this post.
Never have i seen such a positive reaction from players of this game. This community has been hardened to, i thought, the point of no return. But no, they have gotten behind you in this amazing post that opens up our eyes of what would make this game fun to play again.

These are some amazing ideas and I must say that i got excited just thinking about playing your version of this game. If a blue doesn't respond to this post it will show that all their puffery and all their claims for wanting user feedback is just a load of sh!t, and that they are really only looking and waiting for the community to come up with ideas the devs already planned to implement, and then claim that they really are listening because they are implementing them.

I mean seriously, has anyone ever seen such a positive outcry from posters on the DIABLO 3 FORUMS. this site has a notorious reputation for being filled with cry babies, trolls, and quitters. I'm impressed you brought out the hopes of the masses again with your single post. kudos to you man!

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