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I had to stop reading just as I saw the crafting section. Not because the post was bad or the suggestions made no sense, but because I know the sad part is blizzard is going to skimp over this and probably not pay any attention to it.

Even if they do actually read it through and through, they will never take the full idea. They will take bits and pieces of it if anything and halfass it. You want to know why? Simply because it wasn't their idea. They have to contort it to their own. You practically just took everything that was wrong with the game(not saying it's a bad game, I still enjoy it in it's current state) and presented ideas that I think would perfect it to a golden age.

My best advice for you OP is to try to get hired at a game company somewhere. Design great games because the gaming industry is in such a horrible state these days at a whole it honestly just needs people willing to sit down and think how can I make a really fun game that I can profeit from and my players will want to keep playing it for all of time.
Wow, this is an amazing read. All for it. Good work!
Damn YOU!!!! What a thread my saliva is drooling just but looking at the images of legendary items beaming with those lights awesome ideas one can only hope the sheeh unadultry eye popping potential of loot 2.0.... oh man like me playing in d2 took me 10 yeras of trading and trading for items t finally get grandfather collusus sword.. my mf luck wasnt there but finally got well worth the time spent.. if only d3 can do the same thing i wouldnt mind playing it for another 15 years.. i am at 1 years now was considering dropping this game! but only would hope for the further.
I have read your post in its entirety and I must say that I support each and every point in that post.

Fantastic read, Monstrous.
I really like the ideas, but maybe I missed it somewhere. Did you address the current reliance on trifecta affixes? You can add a lot of cool stuff like the empty rune slot and skills from gear, but can you really make the choice to use them when it's just lowering your DPS by 200k? With the way MP functions, you need every last drop of that DPS to do MP10. Either that must be addressed or the expansion needs to add a lot of new environmental challenges that present players with problems that can't be solved by facetanking everything with 500k DPS.

I really like your NV idea, but I keep imagining myself trying to get 100 stacks on those same old maps like Stonefort. The poor randomization of zones is like kryptonite sapping my will to even imagine playing D3.
Gold/item sink is hopeless, they should add ladder season or self-found mode after this itemization patch. It would help with replayability as well.
Best ideas I've heard in a while, hope this reaches the dev's ear.
Not a bad read. 160 millions to upgrade from 5.5 to 6% is crazy.

That would be out of reach for people who doesn't flip or use the AH to make gold... Perhaps the price should be lowered, but some of the "BoA" (well, maybe they can be bought, but they should be rare) materials should be increased to compensate.

I got the gold, but I'm not exactly ready to pay that much :o
Can we get a blue to respond to this , saying that they're at least considering these amazing ideas?
07/21/2013 04:39 PMPosted by BlindFury
Can we get a blue to respond to this , saying that they're at least considering these amazing ideas?

I'm quite sure they DID read it or will end up reading it. They read other threads from Diablofans (they even mentioned it during the interview).

I'm quite sure good threads have more chance to be noticed on other sites than this site... which is rather sad :( Reddit and Diablofans seem to be on top.
OP, I am trying to understand the Mystic thing... I guess it is not well designed...

say, I purchased a mempo with 4 %CC. I can use mystic to make it 6% CC (20+40+80+160=300M)

everybody will know this, and this will force 6% CC mempos sold for price of 4% CC + 300M (maybe a bit more). So, in the long run it will not accomplish anything...

did I miss anything (assuming we already collected lots of materials by playing the game)

how can we fix this? so that, it will be profitable for people who play a lot... maybe reducing the cost but adding another required element to the crafting materials: XP Point...

XP point can be some material after getting X amount of XP point, or killing X Elites... They are consumable... Say, I played 100 hpurs and now have 100 XP point to use in crafting... say, I need 40 XP point to make 4%CC mempo to 6%CC mempo... I have 50 more to craft another thing, or another stat of it... so, it encourages people to play the game instead of AH.

what do you think?

You are correct on the Mempo example of buying and upgrading it. I just did a quick ball park estimate on those numbers. However, it wouldn't be as simple as you make it sound. Sure you could buy the helm, you could even have the gold to upgrade it fully already. It's the legendary BOA crafting material that I had as one of the costs that would make the helm the hardest to upgrade. Make that legendary crafting material highly sought after, but super rare and it could be done.

Remember as well, that upgrading an item automatically makes it BOA.
Wow, i really hope blizzard looks at those ideas
Some really amazing ideas here. I REALLY hope a blue sees this and passes it up to the devs!

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