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these idea's are awesome.
Hey, thanks for putting so much time into your ideas! I think you have lots of great suggestions, particularly the identify achievements and the passive / rune legendaries.
OP, can I suggest something different that works like mystic and reward people who really plays the game...

stay a while and listen:

* remove paragon thing...
* remove cap on leveling (it may be 1000 or just unlimited)
* at every level, people gain some para
* at towns we will have ParaShops
* here, people can shop for anything (ms, ar, cc, cd, pr, luck (mf+gf), vit, any stat, ls, etc.)
* each item is sold for different para
- 3Vit = 1 Para
- 2AR = 1 Para
- 1CC = 10 Para
* stats may have a cap for any account (for example you cannot get more than 50%CC for any character)
* these are redeemable... meaning, after a while, you can return the stat and get your Para back (may cost some gold or some mats)

this is already implemented with paragon thing, but it is fixed (3mf, 3gf, 3main stat, 2 vit etc.)

so, we are not changing the items, but we are customizing our toons according to the gear we have :)

what do you think?

sorry dude. removing level cap and para is a bad idea..
07/21/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Monstrous

that is a great post.
Sweet read i would be very interested in this.
Nicely written and illustrated ideas. I hope any of these might make it into a future patch or expansion.
Op you've changed my views on the worthiness of Canadians. Good work too bad it will fall on deaf ears.
Another brilliant ideas that will be skipped by blizz because it's going againts their AH philosophy :(
Bump! Awesome ideas. Love it.
OMG, this is freaking good idea...
i wish the expansion pack included all these ideas..
I hope some of these items get implemented. such good ideas
Above awesome ideas. Didn't find anything I didn't like about them, so +1!
Fix this

Absolutly Fantastic Ideas.

Someone give the OP a medal!

Love every idea - really hoping Bliz pick up on this and can impliment some of it (If not all of it!)
Bump... i would start playing again

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