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Great ideas! I totally agree with the removal of MF from gear and Paragon levels.
Disclaimer: This is my first post in these forums since receiving a fubar forum ban.. sigh

These forums are filled with so much adolescent vitriol and hate that I had basically gave up and canned my passion for everything D3 Forums related. However, This poster has inspired me by shining light on what D3 could and should be! In it's current abysmal state, D3 is a glorified wealth acquisition sim/profit vehicle for majority, and short-lived stimuli for the minority. If longevity is the goal, fluid gameplay can only carry the game for so long. The OP understands that Risk/Reward system must be tied to relevant factors and not be trumped by real $$$. These factors include time investment, RNG (item, rare mob, map, etc), skill and flat out luck. People need to be rewarded for playing the game and not the AH's. OP has listed many great recommendations that reign in that central philosophy of good ol'fashioned player found, player earned character progression!

I commend you OP for many reasons. The most of which imo is because you managed to offer drastic, positive additions that also utilize existing systems in the game which improve and enhance gameplay. This is a smart, cost effective and time effective solution (blizz outta love that). Re-thinking Loot needs to happen. Simple things like adding tiers of legendary beams is a clever addition that adds more depth and a sense of real reward into a game where the reward litmus test is how many crit Mempos you ever found in the sea of legendary fodder!! Blizz redeem your greedy selves already by injecting true player earned progression into this p2w cesspool and cleanse this shround of scumbaggery surrounding our beloved Diablo 3!
One of the best posts I've read on any video game forum ever. Great ideas, thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to do this.
I like this post!
Wow, some really amazing ideas here. I really hope this post get picks up by the CMs and passed to the devs. I really really love it.
Blizz should really consider this. bump!
I'm speechless, those ideas were just too damn good. I cant even begin to imagine how awesome the game would be after implementing even one of these item changes!
bump for hope of a Blue!
Can't wait for Cheesements to "actually do something" for your character. Blizzard, get off your high horse and do something!
I am loving the idea of legendary items granting unique runes to specific skills. That is exactly the kind of thing needed to spice up the game's currently mundane item situation.
Excellent post!
I will bump this everyday until the patch day comes
Dude great post, i liked most of your ideas, especially the runes with legendaries

But i will talk about what i didn´t like, first, the removal of paragon and magic find, along with the extra NV. I like how the paragons level work right now for the most part, but what i really didn´t like was the NV progression you stated. Seriously man, not everyone has the time to play this game 3 hours straight, so with this you would be gimping a lot the casual players that can only run mp3 for 1 hour after work, i dislike the entire section on paragon and magic find

The other thing i didn´t like was your suggestion to the Mystic. I loved the new crafts and stuff, but as i said in previous posts, i hate the idea of choosing your affix or upgrading it on items you already have, its way too imba and a few weeks after this was release everyone would have max perfect items and begging for blizzard to put Monster Power 30.

My suggestion would be something like this: let´s say the charged brimstone is the crit chance craft material, each one gives +0.5% crit chance. Then you go to the jeweler to craft an dexterity ammy. On the left where it says the materials needed, there will be one (or more) empty spaces, when you right click on the 12 charged brimstone in your inventory it will send them to that empty space, making the new crafted ammulet be +210 dex, +6% crit chance, and 4 random affixes

This wouldn´t brake the game considering how hard it is to get a good craft and how rare the new materials would be, but it would still make it easier to get the stats you want on your craft, and you could add that to any craft, including legendaries craft, but it should not exceed the max stats for that item (no 10% crit bracer or no +200 int lvl 23 cain gloves)

Improving and upgrading the items you already have in a perfect way is not the way to go and Diablo was never about this, we need RNG
Fantastic Ideas!!!!!!
great idea man. all of it was cool and i had the similar basic idea of how rpg game item should work. but you elaborate it and give your time into designing this its great. :) mf design may need more work cause i can see some loophole but the idea is cool.

i hope bizz read this. :)

bump2 bumpity bump

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