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Love the ideas OP! Bump even tho it didnt need it!
logged in just to give my thumbs up!
While I'm on this topic I'm going to also going to mention my own opinion in regards to the transmogrification system which might be making it's way into Diablo III. Don't include legendary items. The unique models are just as much of the reason as the unique properties as to why they can be labeled as a legendary. Do what you want with rares, but please leave legendary items out of it. If you absolutely think legendary items need to be included than at least connect the ability to do so with only the items your character has personally identified, at least that would help keep the integrity of the rarest items.

I would say that if you want to have transmogrification then in time legendary items should be included as well. There are some pieces that are ugly to look at, Vile Ward I am looking at you, so it better include legendaries regardless of the restrictions on them.

The idea would be to connect a bonus, most likely in the form of small stat increases, to the discovery of items. It's such a simple idea and one I feel would change the game for the better. In the example below I used the achievement layout to showcase the idea.

Achievements should never have any bonuses to your character. They are meant solely for those that like to chase after them. Instead of being a way to boost your character. Which in turns forces players to collect those achievements just to get the bonus.

With that kind of a system it would encourage more botting. I mean if you knew that you would have a crummy chance of finding all of any one type of item. Then how will you ever get that achievement without botting.

So, if we no longer get our beloved Magic Find from either items nor Paragon levels where do we get it now? Well, what if we moved it all into Nephalem Valor and tried something like this:

Tying the value of NV stacks to MP levels is dumb in the extreme. Simply put MP was there for the sole purpose of being a challenge with bonuses to reflect that higher. Instead of it being a punishment for not playing at that higher level. Now in order to get the best results from NV you must play at the higher MP levels. With low drop rates and the chance of getting really good items being low. The fact it will take a long time to get really decent gear to be able to play at the higher levels. Then you a situation that will encourage more botting.

Removing these steps in gem progression could be countered by just decreasing the drop rates accordingly. While we're talking about gem drop rates I don't see why we can't just have all gem grades be drop-able, but with increasingly low drop rates. At least that would give self-found players a chance at getting to the higher versions. It's not like upgrading gems is good gold sink anyways, we can definitely find a better one.

I myself like the gems in their current state. The first few gems are a nod to D2, that is from chipped to perfect. We will be just fine with the gems we have right now. Maybe the only thing is needed is to have a chance of getting RS from drops, even though they might have a lower drop rate than legendaries and sets.
I have to say I really liked almost everything. I even liked the NV change despite the fact that I probably won't be able to put that much time in to the game at once very often.

The collectors bonuses are nice as well, you could even turn it into an item if you have to submit your item to your collection (essentially deleting it) in order to get the bonus. You could also make it so each slot unlocks when an item drops for you, maybe you see a legendary drop and a message pops up "A new setting has been added to your collection!", it wouldn't tell you what it was so you still have to ID it. This way the only way to add an item to your collection would be to find at least 1 first, but if you find a gg one you can go to the AH house to buy one to submit if you really want to.

The new runes from items is great as well, I had an idea to unlock multiple runes with items, but honestly I like yours much more. Also a great idea to have items that allow you to tie different affixes to the bonuses, like your Fjord Cutter using your cold res to buff cold damage (wording has to be more careful though, as yours looks like it would add 20 damage with 800 cold res, adds % cold damage = to your 1/5 your cold damage reduction, with way you can get a decent benefit easy, but to really take advantage you'd have to gear hard for cold res).

The mystic I think kinda works, but being able to max out your gear does mean all you're looking for is certain base stats, and then it's all about building it up, which is much less exciting than finding a new item. Instead maybe have the mystic be able to add 1 additional affix (max add 1 to any item) using the purple monsters unique drops to add different affixes. Ex. "Jay Wilsons Belly" (I like the sound of that) could add +15 pickup radius, cudgels left arm could add +2% crit, maybe "The Dataminer's Pick" adds + 3% crit. You could even do combination affixes like +1% crit +10% crit damage, but have every purple monster item be slightly different (not necessarily all equal). This would really allow some good item customization, BOA after enchant would have to happen if you use BOA items though. Also, to prevent being completely at the mercy of the RNG and reward grinding without making it op, the mystic could also use gems (obviously destroying them) to add certain effects to items.

Regardless, that was a great post with great ideas and these are the kind of posts we need more of on this forum, as opposed to all our favorite posts, such as "Completely change everything! Give me D2 2.0! TRASH TRASH TRASH!!!!" type posts.
That was a great post, really great ideas.
great post!

stuff like this would really give diablo the depth and diversity that is lacking. I like how the items can synergize with specific skills/ builds/other items in several different ways. The automatically sorting stash would be amazing!
Hi everyone,

If you ask any veteran Diablo player what their most memorable moment was from a past Diablo game, more often than not it will involve a story about the time when a certain rare item dropped for them. Whether that drop was a legendary (unique) item which was statistically next to impossible to find, a high rune needed to craft an amazing runeword, or even just a legendary item with perfect stats, the feeling was pretty much all the same (alright.. finding something like a Windforce, Zod rune, or Tyrael’s Might was a little different haha). Players could probably even go as far as recalling the time of day, act, zone, or monster that dropped that particular item, it was that memorable. How can we give this same nostalgia feeling back to the items in Diablo III?

Please take a look at my most recent post on Diablofans.com and let me show you how I think this feeling could be brought back. I'd post the entire topic here but without the pictures it doesn't really have the same weight.


Hope you all enjoy

W T F!?...... And Blizz hasn't hired you because why?

Shame... You sir, just may have fixed this game...

Edit: Whoa, sorry, almost forgot. +1 x Infinity.
Awesome suggestions OP!!!

This is why video games keep getting better and better, because of people like you!
Another good idea like so many that have been suggested before. Well done!
please please please blizzard please hire this man. i would seriously start playing this game again if this happened.
Had a friend randomly link me this a few minutes ago, sharing similar excitement alot of you guys are showing, but I just don't see any promise in this at all. Aside from his skill runes on items proposal, which if you've seen Wyatt Cheng's talk at GDC, isn't really much of a proposal as a rehash of what an actual developer has already said, almost all of these ideals are pretty detrimental to the game as a whole.

The first glaringly obvious problem with this guys suggestions is awarding power gains through achievements. This is one of the worst things you could do to this game. This topic has already been beaten to death by the WoW community, but I will go ahead and give you guys the run down on why this is such a bad ideal.

Fist off, the op is sorta right, to make achievements desirable we need incentive, and depending on what this incentive is greatly effects a players mindset when going into them. If you were to take the op's suggestion, where you gain 5% damage in swords for actually finding a legendary item or the small power gain for other achievements, what you basically end up with is casual players not caring at all, since the reward is so insignificant, where as the hardcore players would feel required to complete them, and would turn a fun side game into just another grind.

Diablo 3 could use rewards for completing major achievements, but they should remain as they are in WoW: purely cosmetic. I feel as though paragon levels are excluded from this, as you are actually gaining levels each time you progress +1, and why wouldn't you gain power when a level up occurs.

Basically to sum it up, power gains aren't a good goal to have for the vast variety of players these sort of games have, since not everyone values power gains equally. The middle ground WoW has arrived at would be a good starting point for Diablo.

The other huge problem I had with his suggestions was the restructuring of magic find. Removing Magic Find would be a very bad thing to do where as having other things to do in Diablo besides Magic Find would be a better solution, which is the real problem with how magic find is currently implemented in D3. There just isn't a lot else to do besides magic find right now.

In D2 I had several characters all made for different things, each had their own strengths and weaknesses. Not all of them were purely made to reach lvl 99 in the shortest amount of time or for magic finding runs, and I certainly didn't feel the need to always play my strongest character just for magic finding, but this seems to be the case in D3. There are alot of problems that attribute to this, but I really don't feel like making a suggestion post like the op has done to go into these things right now.

And as far as crafting goes, I could honestly care less. I want to find items, not create them. Grinding monsters with purple names sounds horrendously tedious and about as not fun as you can get as far as farming is concerned. I don't know how many of you guys have actually tried to do that achievement where you have to hunt down all of those things, but give that a go before you blindly support this ideal.

His section on the mystic seems to be pure speculation, and I'll regard/ignore it as such.

And lastly, as I said earlier his take on runes being tied into legendary items is pretty sound, though it was pretty much lifted straight out of this years GDC talk. In case you haven't watched it, Wyatt Cheng basically says that the reason why there aren't many items similar to D2's Wolfhowl found within D3 is that they decided to take those ideals and turn them into runes instead of items. The op simply put 2 and 2 together and posted his own take on it. I'm not saying its a bad ideal or attempting to take anything away from his solution, I'm just saying that Blizzard is fully aware of the problem and that we should probably wait and see what they have in store for us, since they're hopefully working on something if the GDC talk was any indication.
Yewwo Monstrous :)

I've read your post over on DF and appreciate the effort you went to in order to help jumpstart the flow of ideas. I've got a few thoughts on some of what you wrote as well, and hopefully they'll help with fine tuning some of the ideas.


I like what you've iterated on here. Havint distinctions between rarer items even before we identify them is nice. Part of the reason it's a major psyche-up and let-down right now is that you see a beam and go "yippeeeeeee....wait, is it good or is it ba...CRAP. :sizzle:" Knowing what you have found in terms of rarity or even just power would take away some of that mood swing.

One of the things that occurs in the game right now is that you see the actual item type in the name when it's on the ground, but once in your inventory if you mouse over it you get only the generic item class in the description. That's always bothered me. Like I'll see a rare Shiv on the ground, but in my stash/inventory it shows up as a rare "dagger" and that's it. It's like the developers made the name vs. tooltip only half working.

There is something to consider though with your beams and the particle effects. RIght now Diablo 3's engine is rather...how shall I put it...unoptimized. Between the stutterific asset loading and horrible framerate swings caused by the physics engine in combat, adding more particle effects, especially if they're moving probably isn't the best solution, especially since in this case by the pictures and description each particle would be its own light source. One way to minimize the impact on framerates would be to make the beam pulsate based on rarity. A steady beam with no pulses would be the most common Legendary (or Set item if the devs ever make a decent number of these things for once) while a middle-of-the-road rarity Legendary/Set item would pulsate rhythmically at a moderate pace (about the same pace as the Enterprise-D's warp core pulses at cruise velocity) and a super rare Legendary/Set item would pulse almost spastically. You'd have far fewer elements to render this way while still visually indicating rarity to the player in an "at a glance" fashion.

Set items should also be green beams and names on the ground. Making them brown just hasn't done too well and doesn't do much for "at a glance" effects. And it's so against how they've always been displayed before.

Rewarding the Hunt

I rather like this section. It would solve one of the annoyances where finding an item your currently played class can't use feels lackluster even if you have a class that can use it. The instant gratification coupled with a small "plus" for everyone on your account to share just feels so much better. And it's way more interactive than Paragon Levels are.

Magic Find

This is an unusual take on things, and part of your idea of having NV work for all levels, not just endgame, addresses an issue I've had a beef with since Day 1: Leveling characters just feel royally gimped vs. max level characters no matter what, especially since the rares they find are so...rare that finding one they can use while leveling up is difficult at best and finding Legendary/Set items is nigh impossible.

There are a couple issues I see with the NV scaling method you're iterating though.

The first is the percentage scaling per elite pack kill (granted I know the numbers were just for show to give us the descriptive portion of your idea). Assuming a 500% MF cap, the lowest you'll realistically be able to put that MF/GF% per stack is 10%. There are two reasons for this.

One is that will still take fifty elite packs to reach the cap. If you're in "level appropriate" content, that's going to take a long time. Much longer than today's current play sessions to be sure. Any lower than 10% per stack and you extend the session to being so long nobody will ever reach the cap in a reasonable amount of time. And even at 10% it's going to take an unreasonable amount of time a lot of the time.

The second reason is that in any given act there are only so many elites. Can you find 50 elites in Act 1? Yes. Will you have spent most of the act's monsters on just getting that fifty, thus having few monsters, if any, left for reaping the rewards of reaching that cap? Very likely. In fact almost a certainty. Spending an entire act's worth of elites to reach the cap doesn't feel as rewarding when you think about it that way now, does it?

For this reason, the MF/GF affixes will need to remain a part of the itemization. This isn't necessarily a bad thing when coupled with the revised NV at 10%/stack reaching a hard cap of 500%. You could have gear that will have whatever it has (should you choose to use up a stat slot to hasten your MF capping) and the rest can be covered by the NV stacks. And since they're only 10% you'll still need to get a significant amount of them to fill out the gap to the cap, but not be so much that it just eats up entire acts doing so or takes way too much of your time doing so.

But there is another concern as well that needs to be addressed: Having the stacks increment with MP level like the current MP total does now would make players feel forced into higher MP levels. Sadly there is no silver bullet with this one as making items better as you increase MP levels also has the same effect.

One possible solution would be to increase the drop rates of items proportionately to MP level. So if an item has a 1/1000 chance to drop at MP0, at MP10 it would have a 1/100 chance of dropping (numbers are to show proportions and are not final numbers obviously). This keeps MF/GF level across all MP levels players are capable of while rewarding the item hunt with better hard chances at those coveted items in return for taking on higher MP levels. Care needs to be taken though not to make the base MP0 drop chances too insignificant or else you're back to square one with regard to forcing players into higher MP levels.

What I'm trying to do here is come up with a way to make MP levels more rewarding without making the scaling so lopsided that players feel like the reward without monster power is just not there. It's a game of balancing the balancing, as it were.


I rather like your ideas here. Differing legendary crafting materials could make for some nice elemental or attribute based additions to crafted items. Here's some ideas for those elemental attributes:

Cold: Unchanged from current effect.

Fire: Attacks ignite nearby enemies for a small percentage of the original attack as a Fire damage over time effect. If no enemies are nearby the primary target takes triple the normal damage from the Fire effect.

Poison: Poisons the primary target with a pool of acid at their location for a percentage of the original hit's value over five seconds. If used with an area of effect ability, the acid pool will form at the location of the first monster hit. Acid pool diameter: 10 yards. Each attack adds an additional pool, stacking to a maximum of three stacks, with each stack delivering damaged based on the amount the triggering attack hit for.

Lightning: Fires chain lightning at random nearby enemies. Primary target hit for X% of damage taken, secondary targets take (X*0.20)% damage.

Arcane: Each monster hit restores X amount of your current resource. For Demon Hunters who use dual resources, Hatred would be restored at X amount, Discipline would be restored at (X*0.3) to keep relative restore rates balanced. This would greatly help with the problem of having to always go PEWPEWPEW Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator Generator PEWPEWPEW all the time. Alternate Version: Doubles resource regeneration of resource generating abilities. Adds 1 Discipline per second for Demon Hunters (does not stack with Natalya's Legacy Set four piece bonus), and 3 Spirit per second for Monks (they have no innate auto-regen and their per-hit regen is subpar vs. Barbarians).

Charged: Enhances an item's elemental effects by 20%. Increases movement slowing debuff from Cold effects by 20%.

Angelic: Increases non-percentage based healing and life regeneration effects by X%. Does not affect Life Steal (LS is percentage based). Alternate Version: Creates an absorption shield on the character for 15 seconds. Amount absorbed equal to X% of damage dealt. Cannot exceed 30% of player's maximum HP. Shield timer is refreshed with each new attack done before the shield's timer expires.

Somatic: Attacks have a chance to disrupt an enemy's concentration and lower their defensive stats by 10% for ten seconds. No internal cooldown. (Chance to proc to be determined later - not tied to proc coefficients of spells/abilities in order to keep certain spells/abilities from never being used like the current proc system has done (ex: Caltrops for Demon Hunters).

Legendary Crafting Materials (Unique Monsters)

This would finally get people to really play in something other than just their normal farming routes if they want that special imbue. Unique monsters could be retuned to have special attacks and the imbues from their dropped materials would relate to that special attack or the attack's physical/elemental properties. Excludes crowd control effects.


I pretty much have to agree here. There are too many gem types to deal with, and having the drops stop at Flawless Square gems means 2187 of those gems is required for one max level gem. Add in the current costs and self-found is ridiculously out of reach for even Radiant Star gems, let alone Marquise. A few more gem types with different atributes wouldn't hurt either. Lacking Resist All? Some Diamonds would be lovely. Need more armor? Obsidian would fit the bill here.

Legendary items

I like your thoughts here, especially how you tried to make sure the skill/ability on an item wouldn't deter that item from ever being considered if its stats were awesome. Thank you for putting effort into trying to find a solution to that dilemma.

One thing that needs to be addressed though is the Unique-Equipped tag. It's on literally every last Legendary and Set item. One of the most awesome feelings in Diablo 2 was when a player found a second Stone of Jordan or The Grandfather. As an example, Diablo 3's Stone of Jordan is indeed powerful, but you give up a lot of potentially valuable stats to use one (VIT, Main Stat, CHC, CHD, IAS). It should be the player's choice whether or not to equip a second of the same item in the ring/weapon slot. usually that comes with the realization your'e going to give up in one area to get ahead in another area. Let that be the choice instead of no choice at all. Having to settle for "second rate" in the other slot because of the Unique-Equipped tag is a major bummer. We're supposed to feel powerful in Diablo games, not gimped.

If you're read this far, then I thank you and hope that what I've said will be of use to you and the developers. Here's hoping for a much better Diablo 3 in the future worthy of the franchise name!
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great idea
and wow, that's a lots of work you did there.

this guys is the true diablo fans
the passion...
I've read a ton of "this is how I would change the game" posts on here, and this is hands down my favorite. This is the Diablo III I wish I was playing. I can only hope that even if the devs don't implement these ideas, they at least take a hard look at the underlying problems the ideas are addressing.
This is amazing stuff. While I didn't agree on everything. Everything was extremely well thought out and executed. Changes like this would make the game far far more enjoyable and fun than ever before. This is the stuff we need.

Diablo is slowly getting stale. Which no news until blizzcon it is going to be tough to keep intrest in the game.
Thanks for the brillant ideas !

I just want to point out that your magic find system would kill short playthrought.
Sometime (no, not every morning :p) I like to do one quick game, like 5 or 10 minutes before I ride my bike to work.
Since several patchs I don't mind to not get NV in ten minute long game-session, because at high mp I have some run that are rewarding just with my high mf, no matter if I stack NV before. The run is cleaning an area in 2 minutes, so I lunch 3-5 time these short games. And I'm happy to have these quickrun possibilities, in addition to long run for my hours of playthorugh during the weekend.
So your mf plans don't make me happy.

All your other ideas are really good ! Maybe they should not all be implemented exactely how you present them, but I take my hat down for you :)
- Legendary journal and achievment reward, hat down.
- Named unique monsters as part of the Hunt, hat down.
- Open rune, hat down.
Auto pick up destroys the meaning of a looting game. When you don't pick you are just looting.

How can you come up with such a thought full post but not realized that you made the greatest mistake in it. Sure auto pickup is nice and reduce player's stress as well as time. But it remove the core meaning of a game. When you don't pick to pick up what you want. You are not picking.
such a shame that bliz doesnt here suggestions like this---epic job man

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