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I just don't understand it. Is my account broken or is this actually how this game is to be played?

I go through act three four times and not one legendary. I don't know how anybody could play this game with these odds and consider this game fun.

Even when you do get a legendary it's almost always a joke.

Do I have bad luck, a broken account, or do people really play with these odds and consider it fun?

Of all the time I've played I think I've gotten 3 set items. Nothing worth mentioning.

I quit the game, take a break, then come back a few months later hoping somebody at Blizzard has either fixed my account or have realized this type of itemization just isn't fun.

Reminds me of that video of the dude who saved all his yellows for a month just to identify them and get nothing but trash. Freakin' joke!

Well see you in a few months....maybe...
You measure your fun by the amount of legendaries you get. You will never have fun.
Think much? I mean really? Do you measure the amount of money you get by the job you do? Do you measure the amount of air you breath by the size of your lungs? Don't need a freakin' reply from Yoda.
Run through Act 1 at MP 8-10 with at least 200+% Passive MF and you will get legendaries.
OP, you need way more MF to see consistent legendary's drop.

Obviously this is one end of the extreme but on MP10 with my high para Monk I have 3-5 legs drop per hour.
You get legs, but you complain they suck so would it make you happier if more crappy legs dropped?

You have bad luck because I've gotten more. The other night I got 3 legs in one run while sometimes I had days with none.
Oh no! I said something that Diablo 2 players would disagree with!

Well, since diablo 2 players apparently are the elite bunch that want legendaries to rain just for playing an act a couple of times. I guess that explains why the legendary drop rates were raised to the point of making all legendaries cheap. I guess I must thank you, D2 players. You are such a smart bunch.

Dear OP, you can get angry for stating the truth. If you think that seeing legendaries drop all the time is ultra necessary for your fun, then you should leave this game. This game doesn't work like that. For starters, legendaries are as likely to be an upgrade as rares (super low). So complaining about legendary drop rate is a bit silly. Even if you got legendaries, they would usually be terrible thingies. You would come and say "but at least I'll be able to sell them in the AH!". Yeah, good luck with that, Your median legendary will sell for 10000 gold in the AH. If you want AH gold, you are much better of flipping dyes.

And I am serious, after a MF boost I see legendaries drop at least once per game session (1 hour-ish). They are always terrible things that would sell for very cheap. Or great things that don't sell at all. I am still having far more luck with 6 property rares both as upgrades for myself and for AH sales :/
200 MF on mp2-4 gives decent legendary drops at about 2-4 per 500 to 1000 total drops. I have found monster density is key. Try act 2 in the Oasis and Desolate sands. If you don't get a drop after 4 runs then switch to act 3 and move back from Areat Core. Sometimes just changing where you are doing runs on these lower mp levels also seems to help. On mp 5 I got two legendary drops in about 15 min, but I was about due for one based off of drops without one.

Fields of Misery and pre-Leoric have good density, but I only try those if I am bored or doing key runs.
Blizzard should just ban the SC2 and WoW accounts from this game. familia, your stay in the forum got old 100 days ago. That you now have to spam using your SC2 account , shows how past your forum expiration date you are.
Said no Diablo 2 player ever.

This is so true. I think that is probably my problem. Just keep thinking Blizzard will wake-up and realize that people were excited about diablo 3 because they had so much fun getting loot in Diablo 2. I wonder how that first meeting for Diablo 3 went:

Blizzard Designer: Well I guess the word is out. I can confirm that the rumors are true. Because of popular demand we will be making Diablo 3.

Blizzard Janitor: *Throws down his broom* Well HOT DOG! First thing you all should do is make it nothing like Diablo 2!!

Blizzard Designer: That's a good idea Mr. um, who are you?

Blizzard Janitor: Why I'm your biggest fan.

Blizzard Designer: Biggest fan? Well then it's settled. No skill points and make the loot suck. If there is more then ten people playing after six months we'll call it a success!

Blizzard Janitor: Well HOT DOG!
I have been doing some key runs the last few days and while getting 3 keys I got about 4 leg drop. I am still trying to sell them, and when I do (hopefully) they will all get me around 80k gold.
i get my motivation and fun in this game from grinding paragon. the loot comes naturally and adds the fun. thats how i did it. problem is, im lost after P500. what to do :( maybe grind for DE.

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