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07/21/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Darkbayne
I go through act three four times and not one legendary

rofl what a noob
legendaries drop quite often if you have magic find. My current record is 12 legs in 1 hour, but thats at max mf on mp10. I could play one of my alts and not expect to see more than 1 or 2 in a day.

Put some MF gear on or grind for paragons and don't expect to see to many for a while.
07/21/2013 05:17 PMPosted by Darkbayne
Think much? I mean really? Do you measure the amount of money you get by the job you do? Do you measure the amount of air you breath by the size of your lungs? Don't need a freakin' reply from Yoda.


Yeah Yoda, how about you go back to Blizzard HQ where you are welcome!
07/21/2013 05:32 PMPosted by vexorian
Blizzard should just ban the SC2 and WoW accounts from this game. familia, your stay in the forum got old 100 days ago. That you now have to spam using your SC2 account , shows how past your forum expiration date you are.

Dude your stay here was old after the first response I ever saw you post. Every thread you come in and say the same crap a different way. We get it, you like the game and we are all idiots for not liking it.
Here is some actual helpful advice.

Try playing with a full party. The drop rates solo seem to be much lower, at least to me. The higher the MP, the more you get I have noticed. I usually get few to none on MP8 but I get a lot on MP10.
In the last week and a half I found the quiver on my DH worth 200+ mill, the skorn I just put on my barb 250+ mill and an inna's reach that I sold for 75 mill.

You can find stuff you just have to wade through the junk and get a little lucky.

Emphasis on getting a little lucky.
07/21/2013 05:29 PMPosted by End
Don't need a freakin' reply from Yoda.

Lol, vex is the Diablo forum Yoda.

I'm not calling anyone names nor am I condoning it.

With that being said, Yoda was not wise but was an idiot and a coward. All the jedi die and they loose the academy under his command. He then goes into hiding when things look back. He didn't even want to train Luke because he stopped caring.

His famous quote "Do or do not, there is no try" fits him exactly. He did not even try!

How this fits into Diablo 3 I will let you draw your own conclusions. But I think Yoda probably had a "Safe to fail" mentality as well!
op's is right on the mark.. Legendary gears are supposed to be that legendary at whatever his level his. I am sure he geared himself with rare but when he about to get a legendary items it should stand out from his other gears but when he got it it was less than his rare gears of course any players would be like What? that was a legendary gear? give me a break!...many pc and console game are like that that's why those games dont hold player's longer than 6 months!
07/21/2013 05:14 PMPosted by vexorian
You measure your fun by the amount of legendaries you get. You will never have fun.

lts absolutely sickening to see people make statements like this because it just sums up the entire diablo 3 experience and how much of a failure / farfetched it is from the previous diablo games
You have to sing while you play. It messes with Diablos RNG and makes legs drop like crazy.
Try it.
I just don't understand it. Is my account broken or is this actually how this game is to be played?

I go through act three four times and not one legendary. I don't know how anybody could play this game with these odds and consider this game fun.

Even when you do get a legendary it's almost always a joke.

Do I have bad luck, a broken account, or do people really play with these odds and consider it fun?

Of all the time I've played I think I've gotten 3 set items. Nothing worth mentioning.

I quit the game, take a break, then come back a few months later hoping somebody at Blizzard has either fixed my account or have realized this type of itemization just isn't fun.

Reminds me of that video of the dude who saved all his yellows for a month just to identify them and get nothing but trash. Freakin' joke!

Well see you in a few months....maybe...

One in four times I don't mind, I don't mind one in twenty times. What I do mind is when one drops, as Michael Myers says... It's CRAP!

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