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07/21/2013 09:07 PMPosted by End
Lol. Cry? Speak for yourself. DIII forums were toxic before release. Don't think you're helping either, but of course fanboys are too blind to see that.

I'm talking about you personally. YOU are toxic.

I've never said d3 was perfect or couldn't use improvements and have said the rng on items are too harsh.

I'm objective. I don't think d3 is bad as some say, but I also don't overlook some of the cons of d2. Of course you can't talk to d2 fanboys because they think it's ok the game is only playable because of mods and hacks.
Look if you want to find more legendaries then look for a good guide that will help you increase your chances to find them.

Here is a simple piece of advice from me. When you are farming only stop for the beams of light. That along with making sure that your killing speed is fast. A good route to find them would also be helpful as well. Maybe even investing in some MF gear if you do not have any would also be a big help. Then switch your build to a good farming build would be another big boost if you are not already doing just that.
As opposed to making 50 meph runs in D2.
07/21/2013 10:48 PMPosted by Sephiroth
Play hardcore. I will never touch my 572k dps softcore wiz again.

Then gimme them gears lol.
The more you kill, the more legs you get.
The more MF u have, the more chance of legs. +100% MF = twice as much legs statistically.
If you kill three times as slow with +100%MF gear then statistically it is better not to switch to MF gears. So, find a balance. Generally when P level is low just focus on levelling, the MF would come naturally.

I looted more than 150 legs on my WD over 150 hours of play at hardcore before she die, so that's about one leg per hour, by playing mostly just MP1, with close to 300 MF. The key is get a good 'farming build', get a good farming route, and find a MP level which you can do efficiently.

And if you are still frustrated, try hardcore. Then you either love the adrenalin rush and live with the reroll, or you rage quit D3 forever. This is in addition to gears have better value at hardcore and of course the great community there.


Add me if you need a vortex monk as company.
@op, yeah I had a similar experience leveling my Wiz to 100, just level up after level up without any interesting loot, now I am at 100 and I am still not very happy about the loot (<-understatement).
This game called diablo 3 reminds me of this south park episode
Where the loot is that dragon you can never catch unless you pay up or win the lottery (lol like that will ever happen to me)
Oh no! I said something that Diablo 2 players would disagree with!

Well, since diablo 2 players apparently are the elite bunch that want legendaries to rain just for playing an act a couple of times. I guess that explains why the legendary drop rates were raised to the point of making all legendaries cheap. I guess I must thank you, D2 players. You are such a smart bunch.

Dear OP, you can get angry for stating the truth. If you think that seeing legendaries drop all the time is ultra necessary for your fun, then you should leave this game. This game doesn't work like that. For starters, legendaries are as likely to be an upgrade as rares (super low). So complaining about legendary drop rate is a bit silly. Even if you got legendaries, they would usually be terrible thingies. You would come and say "but at least I'll be able to sell them in the AH!". Yeah, good luck with that, Your median legendary will sell for 10000 gold in the AH. If you want AH gold, you are much better of flipping dyes.

And I am serious, after a MF boost I see legendaries drop at least once per game session (1 hour-ish). They are always terrible things that would sell for very cheap. Or great things that don't sell at all. I am still having far more luck with 6 property rares both as upgrades for myself and for AH sales :/

This guy is clearly a joke its not raining leg's that us old d2 players want its we want legendarys that are found to be worth something for instance in d2 if you found a shako it didnt matter what DEF it rolled it was always worth a hi rune. you cant say the same for d3 the best leg in this game can also be the worst and theres nothing i like finding a mempo and having roll pure sh it and then never find one again this game diablo 3 is a joke and that why i dont play it not becuase it "doesnt rain legendarys" and to be honest the best items in d2 were yellow and runeword so know what you talking about before you speak noob
07/21/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Darkbayne
I go through act three four times and not one legendary. I don't know how anybody could play this game with these odds and consider this game fun.

If you go through the Auction house 2,3 or 4 times you will have solved this problem.
I multibox, and one of my accounts saw 3 legendary items in 5 minutes while the other didn't see a drop all day. RNG is RNG. My characters are next to identical stat wise.
07/21/2013 05:35 PMPosted by Darkbayne
Said no Diablo 2 player ever.

This is so true. I think that is probably my problem. Just keep thinking Blizzard will wake-up and realize that people were excited about diablo 3 because they had so much fun getting loot in Diablo 2. I wonder how that first meeting for Diablo 3 went:

Blizzard Designer: Well I guess the word is out. I can confirm that the rumors are true. Because of popular demand we will be making Diablo 3.

Blizzard Janitor: *Throws down his broom* Well HOT DOG! First thing you all should do is make it nothing like Diablo 2!!

Blizzard Designer: That's a good idea Mr. um, who are you?

Blizzard Janitor: Why I'm your biggest fan.

Blizzard Designer: Biggest fan? Well then it's settled. No skill points and make the loot suck. If there is more then ten people playing after six months we'll call it a success!

Blizzard Janitor: Well HOT DOG!

Because D2 was exactly like D1

07/21/2013 05:14 PMPosted by vexorian
You measure your fun by the amount of legendaries you get. You will never have fun.

This guy has a point :p But yea, I don't think anyone is having fun here anymore. You won't find people to cry about it on these forums. Just uninstall and walk away.
dont bother about legs dude, you will never find a item thats worth anything
It's really like the lottery, you shouldn't play the odds because you'll be disappointed 99.9% of the time.

Just play the game anyway you see fit:)

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