Why does thorns exist?

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I can think of no reason I would want this stat to roll on an item.

The max amount of damage thorns can deal per hit is ludicrously low compared to what is now cheap gear. Not only this, but the stat is flawed in that you must take damage to deal damage, which is counter-intuitive towards survivability.

The reason I can think of that this stat exists is to be a stat-slot dump, lowering the chances of rolling better stats.

If anyone has other views on this subject feel free to post them.
It existed in prior versions. The issue with it is that it is undertuned. The reason it is undertuned is that it does not scale with anything... if they made it worthwhile for higher MP levels, it would be severely OP in lower MP levels.

They've mentioned thorns as a bad stat they want to fix for a while now, and have it scale with the main stat. Likely something they'd fix in a large patch/expansion, since it is major tuning work.
If the stat was actually strong, many melee builds could become very interesting. However, right now it's just a joke. The worst is that it's not just thorns that sucks, you can add bleed effects, indestructible, life after kill, XP per kill, level requirement reductions, every proc effect, "offstats" and the painfully underwhelming CC reductions. There are other affixes that are just cool to have, but don't make compelling choices on their own, such as damage reduction which for some stupid reason was split into ranged, melee and elite (seriously, WTF???), life on hit, which is often underwhelming next to life leech, or pickup radius which happens to be important for a few isolated niche builds.

Overall there's a metric ton of (deliberate?) cluttering in the current affix pool. It's no wonder everything that drops is unusable garbage when more than 60% of the affix pool is precisely that, garbage. Hopefully they won't screw up again with the loot 2.0 thing.
My first ever Diablo character was a thorns paladin. Obviously he was amazing. And by amazing, I mean terrible. But a worthwhile and fun experience.
some things are just broken....
I wonder if making thorns % based on your current DPS will solve things.

Then again we do have the Monk's MOR (mantra), so maybe thorns damage (as it currently is) on top of that will make a difference. *shrugs*
I used to run a WD that relied on Fierce Loyalty and Thorns, supplemented by Sacrifice, Circle of Life and Grave Injustice (with +pick up radius gear too). It was a fun build to play, not entirely practical or efficient, but it was fun. I think at one point I had 6700 damage for thorns which is basically just free damage.
Because eeeevery ROOOSE has it's thorns.
07/22/2013 09:27 PMPosted by TomToDie
My first ever Diablo character was a thorns paladin. Obviously he was amazing. And by amazing, I mean terrible. But a worthwhile and fun experience.

Thorns didn't work because you could dodge upto 95% of all hits with enough armour
Want to make thorns interesting and useful? They should cause constant/pulsing damage to anything within melee range in addition to the damage they do when you are hit with a melee attack. I would have different kinds of thorns (fire, poison, cold, holy, etc). These different types have different effects on mobs.
>Deal 565 damage to attacker
>Attacker has 23,164,823 HP

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