So I found more legendaries than I did DE

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Did an act 1 run today on mp10, the usual worthwhile places. Found 2 legendaries within the first 2 minutes of the run on trash mobs and then another 2 later on. Probably took me 20-25 minutes for the whole thing (was kinda going slow). I probably killed 10 or more elite packs and only got 2 DE. The legendaries were all crap though in case you didn't know.
I'm not a rocket scientist but at 380,000 DPS i'd say a lot of stuff you find is going to be crappy. And what do you need essences for again?
Just making an observation. But please, be more snide.
07/22/2013 10:50 PMPosted by Machschau
Just making an observation. But please, be more snide.

An observation of what? That drops are random? Data from one 20 minute run is completely useless on its own. You can draw no conclusions what so ever.
07/22/2013 10:56 PMPosted by Skillol
Does every barb in the US have teeming necklace? lol.

Every barbarian with 300k DPS and 7000 elite kills does.
I am with you de drops are getting very poor, so much so I have noticed the diff. well spotted
nothing to do with how many runs u do to make a comparo.if u are a player u will have noticed this.
Hardly unexpected

100% of double drop
white mobs outnumber elites by a wide margin
DE only drop from elites
health scaling massively on elites compared to white mobs
one elite pack can drop only one DE

MP 0: 15.0000%
MP 10: 38.9061%

3 to 4 DE per 10 elite packs.

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