1000+ dps Calamity Give Away -ENDED-

Demon Hunter
Hi guys,

Since a good calamity is expensive now a days, so I decided to buy them unid. Gave myself a budget limit of 300m in hoping to find a better weapon than the one I have. I bought exact 110 pairs and spend 444m. I did get an upgrade in the end but I have to say this investment is very poor.
the rest are

So I'm going to give away the other bolt pistols that are over 1000 dps and the socket ones regardless of their dps. The highest dps is 1220.6 with stun.

To qualify for this give away you need:
1. to have a demon hunter in your account
2. to have only 1 demon hunter in your account
3. your demon hunter must be above level 59 and under paragon level 10

Anyone else would like to get one from me can trade them from 10 brimstone. Only 1 per person, and first come first served. Let me know the stat you want on the bow when you hit me in game, and I will try to find one that that is closest to your needs.

~ Last Chance update ~

Grab from one of these if you couldn't get 1 from me

here here!
I qualify! =)
mee! :D
me sir! thanks!
Damn it.....I want some too
i actually need help for my demon hunter. i would like to have a new calamity with an OS! thanks!
I would like like good calamity! :D
To OP : (>^^)>

To person that get's it : <º((((((((><
I will be in game for another hour or so, can get them if you need one.
no one has added me, so I guess no one need?


tbh they are wasting my storage... if they are too low graded for someone starting out, I guess they are better being brimstones.

with that said, I'm still going to be keeping them until the end of the next month.
Hey, I would like to trade for trade for 10 brimstone if u still have one! Will try to add u!
Sorry guys, I guess I need to specific time zone.

I'm on the west so I will follow PDT.
I will try to be on 8-10 am and 9-11 pm (may be a bit later in the night)
Hope I qualify to get one? I just leveled up the DH a few days back and have been biding my time to get some monies to start hearing him up.

Got the calamity would love it if you would be having an upgrade in your giveaway :)

I don't think the ones going out will be better than yours. 2 more 1000 dps with os left but the damage is lower than yours.

have about 30 pairs left, come get them before they are all gone.

expect to get one with 1100 dps if it does not come with a socket
I could use 1 on my dh, been lookin.
can i have one too plz
Damn, I'm paragon 11. :(
I was considering restarting my DH, but I got rid of all my gear a while back. I would be interested if you still have them/it.

If ur interested in HC, give me a buzz.

You got any left? that would be interesting to try wooooo bolt pistol!

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