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I'd like to see periodic additions to content in terms of areas/dungeons as well. It doesn't even have to interfere with the storyline....just extra places to go.

And if they wanted a small monthly fee to pay people to develop these things continuously, I might not mind that either provided it is reasonable.

Basically, it'd be great if the end-game continually an mmo.

I don't know how people played D2 for years. I certainly played it, stopped, and came back occasionally. But there's really only so much to keep one's interest without the promise of new content.

the AH pays for new things, theyve said this actually
if you want content go play wow

we need a reason to play diablo3
07/27/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Peghany
Says you? Why did some people play Diablo 2 for many years then?

if you expected a game you could play for many years for only $60, you have some entitlement issues

d2 wasn't even very good, most of its playerbase certainly didnt play it for many years
We agree. We're looking at ways to implement additional character building (possibly through an expanded Paragon system)

Skill tree with points (that are permanent) per point of paragon level... I can't be the first person to think of this. We've been begging for a skill tree forever. C'mon brah.. hook us up.

Permanent points are retarded unless they plan to never change anything.

inb4 point refunds
07/24/2013 07:35 PMPosted by JRChadwick
Charging through the world of Sanctuary desperately hoping for a good drop of loot or a haul of gold can get extremely tedious the after six or seven dozen times. Some of the extra dungeons and side quests are fun... BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SAME! What you need to do to keep the game more interesting isn't just to focus on character building and itemization, we need more quests to complete and areas to explore. You should be adding more with every patch.

This isn't world of warcraft. if you want new content every patch, go play that crappy game. D3 needs GOOD pvp, and reitemization first and foremost.
Add a new act, add new quests, add new instances, add new gear, remove main stat from gear, add runes, cow level, rune words, pvp,


/been beaten to death at least a million times in one way or another , you all must be new.

if you expected a game you could play for many years for only $60, you have some entitlement issues

d2 wasn't even very good, most of its playerbase certainly didnt play it for many years

I will decide when and if I get my $60 worth of entertainment, not you or blizzard or anyone else.

Edit: Just to be clear, I did :)
totally agree. It's like eating the same thing every day. Even if it's your favorite dish - it just gets boring after time and you can't even look at it anymore ...
I've never played "World of Warcraft". I definitely think that if they can add things like the Hellfire ring, they can add a couple of random quests to give us more things to look for.

Thre is your Content.

Now sit and cry.

There are two separate teams for the console and the computer versions.
I saw what you did there, +1
One of the worst things they did with this game is always make the same enemy types spawn in the same areas. Both D1 and D2 featured a random set of enemy types that would spawn in a particular area. Each time you played an area, the enemies (and combinations thereof) would vary. It boosted replayability immensly.

LoD patch 1.11 took it a step further and allowed any type of enemy in the game to spawn throughout Act 5.

The people who made Diablo 3 had no idea what they were doing =/
just random dungeons with random !@#$ isnt fun. we need themed content with fun events that engage the user. its almost like they veered away from this because of multi platform. d3 to me is not a top notch PC A-RPG and it wont be unless the expansion brings some serious stuffing to the table.
I am afraid you are mistaken. The specific areas in all previous games had specific types of enemies that spawned.

Whoever made the decisions leading up to this point failed in so many ways, obviously, as replacement leads and designers have been popping up in the last few months, trying to salvage what should have been. It is ironic that people say Blizzard is just a cash cow now, who only makes games for profit and does not care about making the same high level quality games for their time, as they did in the past. If Diablo 3 was made with all the features they removed/scrapped during early development, and was continually improved upon up to this point, D3 would easily be the best game of the year and they would have made double the money off of it. Instead, they decided to be cheapskates to their true fans regarding the overall content of the game, and sold out to the console market, people who could care less about the Diablo title.

The corporate egg heads may think that diversifying their consumer market is the right business move, and they will make more money by selling the same flawed game over more platforms, but they could not be more wrong. Blizzard was successful because they made the best games for the most passionate and advanced gamers in the world, not because they made the most games for the most people in the world. Quality over quantity was the reason Blizzard made it happen. Now it seems they are no different than every other game designing company in the world, dime a dozen, because some goon in a suit thinks they can make more cash with the typical business model...

When the console flops and the profit margins disappoint, and the leads get fired, we can only hope Blizzard goes back to it's roots and gives the true gamers what they have been expecting. There really is no reason to choose their games over any other company's games in the future if they don't.

its sad that we have after ONE YEAR chance to good content, "soon" ofcourse :P and still Josh > Jay Wilson

Casual players with full time job like me now have chance to buy a lot of gold on RMAH to play on higher MP...

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