Maximus for CoB?

Witch Doctor
Hey, I just rolled an interesting maximus and I'd like the forums opinion before I bother spending 10m to move my ruby from skorn to maximus and back.

The stats of the maximus are as follows:
1220.9 dps
+280-582 fire
+46% dmg
fire skills do 24% more damage
296 int
+12% demons

I just about brimmed it straight off, then thought about that +24% to fire damage, but I wasn't sure how to factor that in when using a calc. I know it would result in a substantial loss in paper dps but that +fire and +demons is interesting. If anyone would like to help me out with either a PC on it or what changes my to my tdps would be that would be awesome!

Edit: I just tried it out with a radiant star ruby and surprisingly the dps is fairly similar, it is lower than with my skorn but just barely so.
I think very much depends on how much CHD the Maximus comes with, in your case 0 CHD. Hence you will be comparing 24% with a potential 200% CHD. Then the next factor will depends on how often you crit. If you're near 50% CHC, the average will be about 100% damage, still higher than the 24% Maximus damage.

Not sure about AH pricing, but given the parameters above (non black damage, 1.1 APS, no CHD), I'd rather stick with a Skorn.

make yourself an account there.

Log out from wearing the Maximus (unjeweled)

Can then simulate the Gem in there.

Will also let you know paper DPS and Damage Vs Demons etc.

Will not show the +24% fire damage, but just multiply the damage figures on there by 1.24 to get your fire damage.

maximus is tricky.
you want it to have build-in Crit dmg (can be up to 200)
instead of getting an open-socket roll.
Thanks both. Since I only have like 41-42cc I was noticing I was doing higher consistent damage than with my skorn, but the skorn's crit's were hitting for 500K more damage. It was quite interesting to play around with. Shame it can't roll ls/socket and chd
Nice roll you got there. Plugged my own in to compare and it beats it out for dps. skip to 1:20

maximus / ghom / mp10 / 100k base and 2,000,000+ crits

I like my Maximus SL6 better than my Skorn LS 5.8

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