Dr. Tekk Zero makes P100!!! ^_^

So I finally made P100 today! Yeah!!!! :) Here's my screenshot: http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/4919/gvct.jpg . And I was doing what I love best: meteor spamming!!!! ^_^

But I actually timed making P100 with an important event in my life... my dissertation defense! So today, I also successfully defended my PhD thesis and now I'm officially Dr. Tekk Zero too! I had a great time, and my committee was actually pretty nice. I was studying systems neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon, and my dissertation was focused on the development of neural circuits in the visual system.

A big thanks to TekkaZerox (my RL identical twin brother), Worloega, Gcanum, and Theoldred29 for helping me make P100 tonight. I wasn't sure I was gonna make my goal, since I was only 5% into P99 when I started farming tonight. But you guys rock and we did it! And lots of monsters died tonight. I got a whopping 21 legs, which is pretty impressive for someone like me that tends to farm pretty casually. And to boot, I found a 3%cc/Dex mempo! ^_^

Could my night get any better? Apparently, I was wrong... and it got even better!!!! After I made P100, Gcanum gifted me one of his older 10 APoC Chant's Force!!!! It was like a +10k dps boost on my Meteor Reduction one. WOW!!! A big thank you to an awesome wizard and class act. I'm just stunned, but I guess I shouldn't. Gcanum's always been an amazing and cool guy!!! So I'll just say a MEGA thank you to gcanum and wear my new shiny source with pride! ^_^

And a big shout-out to the members of this community for all the encouraging messages tonight, as well as over the last few months, that have been very supportive of me while I was preparing for the big D-Day (dissertation day lol)! And now it's Loroese's turn to defend his thesis and officially become Dr. Loroese. Go-go Loroese!!!
Congratulations Tekk! On both counts.

Grats Dr. Tekk!!

I still remember days when we met in the game, just after we found love on the forums.

Unfortunately, we were never able to extend it.

grats tekk, sorry i missed the fireworks
wow nice work mate, thats alot of kudos right there. p100 and a phd, power to you mate thats very impressive.
Congrats Dr. Tekk Zero~ :)
Grats Tekk, took your sweet time!
grats tekk
Grats on everything, Dr. Tekk. Now it's time for you to write the Meteor guide for everyone. ^_^
Congrats! Now for the patent on Meteor build in D3.
Grats man ! : )
CONGRAT! Man...Dr. Tek. and got your phD from one of the top notch universities in the world. Carnegie Mellon probably has the brightest students in the world. GOOD JOB!
Congrats Doc!
congrats tekk!!!!
Congratulations Tekk on a huge accomplishment.
Glad I could make it for the P100 party!
Those poor monsters. So. Many. Meteors.
Also, Gcanum is a class act. Very generous - nicely done.
What's up Doc? Congrats on completing that long journey!
gz man welcome to the para 100 club :-)
grats dr. tekk :D

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