Dr. Tekk Zero makes P100!!! ^_^

Welcome to the 100 Club! ;D Hitting P100 the very first time is a special feeling you won't forget anytime soon- especially for me, since it took over 800 hours to do that on my Wiz! O.o (My monk took a lot less time lol.) And congrats also on your PhD!
Awesome accomplishment. The closest this old fart will get is my witchy doctor lol

Play your passion with intensity and determination to the end. The ride will be most rewarding. as another doctor said ... Live long and prosper
Tekk I would like to know why I wasn't invited to this historic event?
Grats bro! :)
Really got to say it - "Congrats" on all your life accomplishments even the Diablo one! Ha
Hmm... should I respond to my identical twin getting his PHD and PLVL 100 at same time or troll my brother's own celebration thread. Choices... choices! :-P
^^^Yay an appearance from the other Tekk :)
gz but toobad you're playing softcore... :D
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Identical? hmmmmmm...

edit cuz...
Been busy at work. Haven't been able to post much. Anyway...
Congratulations, Dr. Tekkzero!

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