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i've really hit a plateau with my wizard at the moment. I was gifted a lot of gear and gold by a friend. but now to really improve my DPS it seems im going to have to spend hundreds of millions on the AH that i don't have.
I also have a very pathetic amount of MF. I can't really survive passed MP3.
To keep my income steady i usually salvage rares/blues and sell the parts on the AH.

but thats not enough to save up anytime soon to upgrade gear.
Im also slowly gaining levels in Paragon. not as fast as i'd like.

i keep trying to research how to make some gold. alot of things revolved around the AH and selling decent rares. problem is everytime i think i find a decent rare (high DPS, sockets, high primary stats for a class) it just sits there on the AH and ends up back in my stash.. and im not asking too much for them...

im also wondering where i should grind paragon levels. with 250% MF (After NV5 and 3 pub players) should i be in act 3 inferno MP3 waiting for legendaries to drop (which hardly ever happens) or should i just focus on building up my paragon level (to help stats and MF).

i really don't see how people reach these god like states they are in. 300k-500k dps. and they rake in billions of gold.

would really appreciate someone looking at my build and gear and giving some advice. im not looking for any handouts.
if you don't have any helpful advice or your just gonna post something stupid. save it.
otherwise. thanks for reading and i greatly appreciate it.
I think you need more crit chance and attack speed, your dps and hp are good. If you get more crit chance and attack speed it will proc critical mass better resetting your cool down for frost nova and diamond skin.

Best advice would be to read through the wizard build thread stickied at the top of this forum and look up cm wizard. At your dps level you should be able to melt through mp3 with disintegrate.

Here's a guide for something similar to your build

And I just noticed you don't have any arcane power on crit, you need that as well.
I had the same issues that you're having for a while. Switching to Inna's pants helped quite a bit, and you have loads of hp, so you should be able to survive making the switch from Blackthornes. Also, a Chant wand may help boost your dps.

Getting to higher monster power will also help increase the numbers of legendaries that you find. Litany of the Undaunted and The Wailing host will also increase your magic and gold find, if you are really worried about it, and they are fairly cheap on the auction house.

My best advice would be to be patient. Don't expect to go from 170k dps to 500k overnight unless you want to spend $50. Work on getting to MP4, then MP5, and so on, replacing gear with better stuff as you can afford it. It'll take some time, but you'll get up there.

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