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OK, it's pretty obvious the programmers at Blizzard aren't capable of fixing the rubber banding problem. It just happened to my lvl 55 HC Monk. She was just fighting Areanea (sp?) the Spider Queen in Hell MP(5) when I got the dreaded lag from, well, Hell. Delays of 2+ seconds, bad -- really, really bad. I popped over to another window, launched a browser and hit Wikipedia -- instant response, the network on my end was humming at 5+ Mb/s, this was a server glitch from Blizzard.

Flipping back I figured I'd try to make the best of it, damn if I'm going down from a bug without a fight. I was able to move around a bit avoiding her attacks while the Enchantress and my Spirit Ally kept hitting her, then it happened -- hard rubber banding, I couldn't move more than 20 pixels without snapping back to the same place, I couldn't move, I couldn't attack, I was a sitting monk, er, duck. Fortunately my ally had drawn the Queen's attention and between Eriena and the ally the Queen's life gauge slowly worked it's way down... And, lo and behold, the death sequence for the Queen plays and I had survived the encounter!. Though I was hobbled in the worst possible way I lived to fight another day. I still couldn't move but after finishing the battle I was able to teleport to town and return and everything worked again.

So, Blizzard, how about a new achievement? Something like, "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" for surviving any boss battle while rubber banding and unable to attack. If you're going to play Russian Roulette with our HC characters you can at least give us some recognition for it when you don't succeed in killing them off.
Well, I don't have to re-roll this time. My monk survived and will fight again. With her current gear as long as her spirit ally can stay alive it'll do a decent amount of damage. Perhaps I should just switch to MP(0) to ensure the ally and the Enchantress can kill anything if (or rather when) I get stuck again.
I still get rubber banding when I use WW sometimes. It's really annoying and everyone blames my Internet when I complain...
i havent had rubber banding for months.. not since i got a new modem from the cable company and replaced my router. was all my end :)
07/23/2013 09:50 AMPosted by Salamander18
I still get rubber banding when I use WW sometimes. It's really annoying and everyone blames my Internet when I complain...

Yeah, the Blizzard people love to blame your end for the problem. A couple of weeks ago I couldn't log in, my connection was timing out during log on. The tech claimed he was able to log in to my account so it had to be my problem.

But just for giggles I switched to the EU servers and "Viola!" I could play just fine. So somehow my "broken" connection could play from Europe just fine but not North America? Yeah, right, the problem wasn't on my end at all.

On the plus side I discovered the EU servers work pretty well from the US. So now if I want to play on "Server Tuesdays" I just hop on to the EU sight and party. Blizzard needs to make solo play without needing the internet connection an option for the PC and not just console. Especially for HC players.

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