How much gold is enough ?

Been thinking of making a cm wiz but i'm not sure how much i should spend to make mp 10 capable wiz. The bare minimum i should at least have is how much ? & what are the stats i should look out for in each piece ! Thanks for the help & any advice is much appreciated (:
Bare minimum ?


Take you couple 2-3 mins per elite pack but good survivability.

This has been proven already.
Boozer is correct, 10m will get ya on the right path.

You would be better off looking for PieHoles extensive cm/we build. He breaks everything down perfectly. He's even been so kind I help me out personally.
You should clarify what you mean by mp10 capable first. Do you want to run it efficiently or just be able to survive? Also will you be a group support or solo artist most of the time? Both of these will help us to give you an answer on both how much as well as what stats and items to look for.
I want to farm efficiently ! :) Was wondering if i could sell my monk gears & use that gold for my monk, around 4-6b i'll get from my monk gears ?
Sell my monk gears & use it for my wizard*
4-6B will make a very decent wizard.

Efficiency is up to your discretion...

Like I can farm MP10 "efficiently"

I would consider 300k+ efficient farming of MP10. Most elites in 30 seconds or less. Some down in 15 seconds or less.
How to get around 300k dps ? How much should i spend ?
07/21/2013 07:51 PMPosted by Spox
How to get around 300k dps ? How much should i spend ?

300k with good survivability stats is definitely considered end game for CM wizards. You will be looking for 2B+ per slot if you want to get to that level.

I would say around 15-25B+
Do you mind helping me gear my wizard ? Are you online now ? Need some advice on what items i should look out for :) Just added you in game
Anyone can help me gear up a cm wiz for me ? I currently have 3b with me
I am sitting at 253k, and I do MP9 pretty quick. I can survive MP10 easy, but it just takes to long, and it's not really worth the extra MF anyway since nothing but !@#$in %^-* drops.

If you have somebody knowledgeable to help you spend the gold you can avoid all the mistakes and wasted gold of bad gearing decisions. I am partial to Mempo and Nats set, but there are plenty that run Storm Crow and Zuni.

Good Luck, and you will find some really good deals out there these days.
Hey ^ thanks for the advice ! Really appreciate jt :) Still looking for someone to help me check the price of items in Diablo, i'll link them

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