Hacked and recovered with no gold left

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My account was hacked over a year ago and i have only recently been able to get my account back. Once i logged on, i found that some of my items are still here and the auction house was used after my account was compromised. I have spoken to the support team through a ticket (Ticket US39175983). They have told me to post on the forums so the developers could sort out a way to help me get my belongings back.

So here i am asking for help. Any would be appreciated.
Actually, I have no idea why anyone would direct you to go post in the forum for account issues.

For any account issues, you were right to open up a support ticket. The members of the customer support team should be the ones that will find a solution for your case.

It's not the developers', community managers/representatives', or the player base's job to find a way to get your belongings back.
Jaetch is right. Something is odd here. If an account was compromised and the logs are still there to prove it then they can help you. If you wait a year then the logs may be gone and, without proof, they can't provide assistance. They only directly you to post on the forums when what you want falls into the "suggest that the Devs create X feature" category.
Maybe that's what they meant. Which also means that i'll have to start from scratch again..

Thanks for your ideas guys..
Edit: If they already did a rollback, whatever state your account is in right now that's pretty much final. They go off "rollback points"... if you hadn't played in a long time and the closest rollback point was when some other dude was playing your account... its likely that's just as far back as they could rollback.
I called and woke up the game developers. They are scrambling to get your gold back as we speak.
Just say you lost your Teeming Necklace when it was hacked, I'm sure they will roll back your account.
lol, thanks Blizz for deleting my post. Apparently you aren't willing to man up to the fact that I spent $100 on a collector's edition and a hacker is playing on my account and you give no support for paying customers. Thanks Blizz! Oh yeah, drop rate sucks!

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