Non-CC DH builds?

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I realize this has been a key characteristic of all Dex-archetype characters since D&D 1st edition came out. Crit chance has always played a huge part in the way rogues, hunters, and the like are all played.

I was wondering though, would it be AT ALL possible to build a not-completely-worthless Demon Hunter that didn't have much, if any Crit-chance and still do decent DPS? I don't like the Crit-chance style, I don't like how it stacks up on paper, and in general, I just don't like the feel... I like consistent damage, with crits being rare, but nice when I get them, rather than depending on getting crits as a key element of my build.

Just curious,

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you can go average damage + dex + attacl speed with calamity or something, but you might just end up with a cheaper character with 50% of the DPS you could have
All builds are viable ... if you don't mind playing Normal mode MP0. Not being rude but people wanting something done about CC or CD at this stage of the game are tilting windmills.
non-CC DH build === Sentry build.

Custom Engineering is mandatory
So is stacking your black damage and iAS.
Marked for Death will help bring down their health faster.
caltrops are used to hold them in place

Inferno MP5+ builds have been done.
I'm sure one of the tops have done MP10.

Efficient for speed? hell no

These builds work best in a team environment for long fights.
Yea I have seen the Custom Engineering build done with some success. The issue is it is just so much easier and faster to use a CC build.

One I have used personally is here:!hUg!ZbYacZ

Not great, but it is fun to play.
if you're looking to go non cc then youre best bet is to get a gross windforce (20% dmg passive) and put a marquise ruby in it. stack as much avg damage and dex as you can
Heh I have been trying to get this build too. i am able to build a Dh with total buffed 75 prcent CHC.. but this gave a lower dexterity build.. you are right chd with chc on paper looks high but depends if i hit enemy..been trying to build a all dext with fastest ias gears and looks decent but as always high dexterity items with ias can be expensive too not as much as gears with chc chd ias and dexterity ....these go for about 4 tiems more than dext ias combo..

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