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i spend a lot of time channel hopping, and since the prolonged maintenance all i see are channels with 5-20 players. Up until tuesday normal channel population was 30-90 ( talking general chat & trade chat). What happpened to all the players...? did i miss something?
Gold inflation + lack of drops + no new content anytime soon has seriously hurt the playerbase.
sure is weird tho that overnight it seems like 2/3 of the player base just evaporated? and it seems like the only people left are gold sellers spamming my friend list.... thanks blizzard!
Not only are there empty channels but most of my friends have not been on for a few days now. Guess people are just tired of the lack of communication from Blizzard, lack of content, lack of good drops well you get the point. Sad really and to be honest I love the combat as well as many other things about this game. It just needs fixing and it needed it 6 months ago.
Summer vacation.
Yah i have noticed this 2 every channel i join has no more than 7 people and it and nobody says a thing lol...
they must have changed the way channels are populated.... even tho the game needs some fixin and summer vacations are happening, theres no way that many people dropped off almost overnight.
07/17/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Hazemaker
they're doing every thing they can think of to kill the game. sad stuff. imo worst company i've worked with next to ups.

You work with blizzard?
I currently have a ~50m ring up on the AH with a starting bid of 3k gold. It's been up for about 18 hours. No one has bid on it yet. There's something wrong, imo.
i wish blizz would give us an answer. where in the world is everyone?
how is this a tactic to get us to use rmah?
07/17/2013 12:34 PMPosted by JimmyJump
Gold inflation + lack of drops + no new content anytime soon has seriously hurt the playerbase.

This...almost all my good in game friends have stopped playing D3 for now for the reasons you just listed...
things aren't really selling in ah either

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