This game is trolling me SO hard

Hey man at least you ARE getting legendaries. So far I have gained 3 paragon levels (yeah thats right 3!) and only 1 legendary dropped.

It was an Inna pants :D but it rolled with 300 thorns dmg -.-

So at least they are dropping for you....
Among all of the brimstones, only thing I am even trying to sell are some BT pants and a couple yellows that looked like someone might want them for some reason... got crappy lacunis, crappy andy helmet, crappy 2h mace with runspeed, some other crap bracers that nobody should use, 300th spear, not to mention I think it was last week where I get 3 IK belts that were all crap and a hellcat all in one clear of weeping hollow.
how about andy after andy after andy?

/bang bang bang

God i wish one of them was a mempo

/bang .. here you go

another Andy.
Man, I don't even care what item type it is. I see a Mempo's drop, and I just vendor that !@#$ without ID'ing it.


(Someone will now feel the need to point out you can't vendor something without ID'ing it.)
If I had kept all "things of the deep" that dropped for me, I'd have stash tab full of frogs... unfortunately, none of them worth keeping or selling... Andys are beginning to make me nervous too... lol
I think all I've gotten recently are mighty belts and spirit stones. Combine that with troll crafts that are so close to being cool yet so far, and I'm pretty fed up with the game atm.
Until tonight, I didn't even know that Wormwood existed!
lol vrk, seriously i got worse for WEEKS. I dont even get to see zuni marrows or mana knives. It made me quit SC and move to HCSF.
Another Skycutter . . . with INT.

Found my first Butcher's Sickle! My two randoms:

185 STR
109 INT

I got two exciting orange beams in about 15 min of playing in the FW on mp10....

1) A crossbow........dual socket manitcore???????

2) A bow.................socketed windforce?????????

Then reality set in and I can still hear the crowd around the know-it-all book laughing.

Tyrael: "Trolled for a low dps no socket Pus Spitter!!!!!!!"

Leah: "Don't leave that no socket no crit, windforce outside my door! I run a respectable establishment!"

Scoundrel: "Hey, Boss...I think I will go back and hook up with that farmer's daughter...I aint made enough gold to buy a good drunk since we met...and maybe marriage aint such a bad idea."

Enchantress: [from across the plaza] "Don't even look over here...loser!"

..... further embarassment... all you got was three horse feet from the blacksmith when you asked if he wanted it.
Frostburn Gauntlets.
3 legendaries in one run today MP10 FoM (2 off one pack!) I was super excited but then jk

Storm Crow
Frostburn Gauntlets
Ivory Tower

Then about 3 days ago I got 3 from a couple runs

The Star of Azkaranth
Immortal King's Tribal Binding (belt)

I thought the belt was pretty good tbh, it rolled really nice stats... but apparently no barbs use it?! /cry
Don't worry Vrk, you only have to wait until the itemization patch comes out and then you'll be excited for a leg drop again!


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