Price check on this wiz skull grasp?

Hi Guys,

Haven't played my wiz in yonks and not really familiar with current prices. this may be worth nothing but wanted to ask anyway

be interested to know as I cant search for skill specific rings in AH


no1? :/
Shock pulse bonus is fairly useless, so I doubt this will go for much. Hopefully someone else comes and gives you a more definitive answer, I'm just guessing.
Take the number of replies you get from other people, and multiply it by the cost of a brimstone.

That will be its worth.
Shock pulse, probably not worth much.

EB or WW go for the big bucks iirc and needs cc.
thanks ^
Shock Pulse bonus is close to completely useless. It's primarily a support skill to feed other abilities, not a primary damage dealer.

Also, the bonus itself isn't high (8 out of max 11%).

Skull Grasps also need critical hit chance.

Not worth much, if anything at all.

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