What Diablo III Class Have You Played the Most?

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Whether by wielding strong axes or by harnessing the forces of the arcane, the heroes of Diablo III are united in their shared passion for laying waste to demons.

This week Diablo IncGamers posed a question over on Twitter, which we'll also echo here:

What Diablo III Class Have You Played the Most, and Why?

Leave a comment below to let us know which you would choose and why, or head over to our latest blog and find out more: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10499885/
Witch Doctor for me! As soon as I saw the class, I knew he would be my main...
Now that I have (had) one of each class @ 60 both SC and HC i'm still torn between taking monk or barb to P100. Just not at home with any class not having a paladin to play!
Demon Hunter, because there are many different ways to play him ;)
Hardcore of course !

PS: Playing on EU server
Witch Doctor, like darker, versatile characters.
AH class by far. Skill build of SoJ searching (you know, one of the items that doesn't have necessary filters - suppose you would call this a "feature").

Because it is the only way to play the game and build a good character. Boy wouldn't it be nice if we could actually play one of the 5 character classes in the game to better those characters.
Monk by far, i started with a witch doctor because i loved my necro and i've always had a thing for pet class arch-types, but i just don't like how minions work in D3.

So yeah, Monk because WD minions are a huge disappointment, and i love running super fast!
All equally because I like variety
Barbarian by an exceedingly large margin. IMO, it is the most well balanced class with the most versatile playstyles.

I mean, I like the other classes, they just feel too unbalanced and frustrating compared to the Barbarian.
How come only 10 replies in the last 24 hours??
Barb because it was the class I wanted to play first. I have tried the other classes but always tend to just play my barb. Once I realized how difficult it would be to get gems upgraded I just want to stick to one class and that choice was the barb.
Overall on my profile, the Demon Hunter has the most time alotted to it, primarily because I've always enjoyed ranged playstyles that allow me to manipulate how I interact with the environment and/or opponents.

However, due to frustration at how vulnerable my Demon Hunter is relative to my Monk I rarely play it anymore, having switched out a good chunk of gear from it to my monk to sustain that character's current build. I get around faster on my Monk and have much more passive and reactive survivability at my disposal instead of the resource intensive Shadow Power: Gloom setup on my Demon Hunter.

I do not play my Wizard because the builds I enjoy the most (Ray of Frost/Explosive Blast) are just outright squishtastic and way too vulnerable, especially with the excessive nerfs to LoH that happened early on in the game's life (this affected the Demon Hunter even more and is another reason I dislike playing it).

I suspect Barbarian is going to top the lists here since it is the only class whose synergies augment both its damage dealing capabilities and survivability at the same time, making it the most efficient class to farm with by a landslide.

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At this time my Monk has the most hours. However I recently started a DH, just hit lvl 60 and paragon 2 and I'm absolutely loving that, it will most likely end up my favorite and most played on.
Barbarian...hands down!

I have always preferred the simplicity of melee classes in games. I was a hardcore raider with a feral kitty Druid in WoW, Warrior in original Diablo, Warrior in Guild Wars, etc.
I played Monk the most, because I liked the ability to mitigate damage and heal, and also the way you generate spirit by using primary attacks. But my favorite class now is the Demon Hunter, because it is more challenging to play and I really like the resource system. I also love abilities that let you attack and move at the same time like Strafe. Tempest Rush and Whirlwind are also cool for that reason, but to kill monsters using those abilities you have to be next to them.
DH. In just about every game I play I tend to gravitate to either an archer or paladin. Waaaaay back in PnP I played either a ranger or cleric of tempus (essentially a paladin). In D2 I mostly played my amazon or paladin. In WoW my mains were a hunter and a paladin. The same goes for just about every other game I played in between. Well D3 has no paladin so I mostly play my DH.
monk, because there's been no incentive to level another character to 60 and dance the AH dance trying to get enough gear to make it a viable playing option.

Mainly because they have versatile build types. I like to experiment with the different options they have. I'll make a defensive monk build that uses dodge enhancing abilities like Cyclone Strike-Wall of Wind and Mantra of Evasion-Backlash to bring enemies in close and punish them with dodges, using Serenity-Reap What is Sown if I get in trouble. Other times I like to make a heavy DPS build using either a Cyclone-Critical Hit build or a Nirvana Monk with endless bell spams courtesy of Way of the Hundred Fists-Fists of Fury and Breath of Heaven-Infused with Light

Ba far my favorite is the cyclone monk though, because it has diverse builds within itself as well. Some people go for pure damage versions where they spam out Mantra of Conviction-Overawe, Breath of Heaven-Blazing Wrath, Blinding Flash-Faith in the Light, and Combination Strike with 2 Different Spirit Generators. Others prefer a defensive build using Mantra of Healing-Time of Need, Wave of Light-Wall of Light\Pillar of the Ancients with stacked Life Steal. And still other use Tempest Rush. There are a lot of variations within it.

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