What Diablo III Class Have You Played the Most?

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Love monk the most. but for obvious reason i play barb as main. That should say something.
#1 Witch Doctor

#2 Monk

I have really bad internet connection, and the Witch Doctor seems to handle it the best of all the character classes. Besides that, it's just a fun character class to play with.
DH for me

I feel like DH can be soo many different way to play. Even DH is not effective class at the moment, I still love DH.
Switched from dh to barb when dh was the op class, because I wanted to play melee and a more tanky style. Since then, it's kept my interest for its finer skill synergies, beyond the obvious op ones. I've been a lot more focused on optimizing 2 h hota/rend style, which is more fun and fitting with the lore of a barbarian to me.

Recently I've gotten bored and have started to put in more time with an archon wizard, which feels like how a ranged class should play like to me.
Demon Hunter.
I started with DH as I thought it would allow me to observe game's AI without the need to wear godly gear. I continued just because Paragon came in and I wanted to reach P100 (which also explains the extra time as P100 took eons in previous patches).
Since then I've leveled up three of the other classes but I still like DH gameplay better because its mobility and the chance to increase damage by proper positioning and aiming, which I see as related to player skill. That said, it's sad how weak is a DH compared to other classes; being a range should grant the ability to keep the distance, but monsters are faster so a typical DH has to fight in melee distance most of the time, and has no real damage multipliers as all others do.
Class: Barbarian
Why?: I wanted to make a class that had zero crit chance and zero crit damage on gear. Basically I thought the Barbarian would be the best class to do this and have the character still viable at a reasonable MP level on inferno.

Or in other words I wanted a totally non cookie cutter build :)

As soon as Burning Crusade came out, I made a Warrior as my first character. I've been in love with Melee wielding monsters ever since. :)
Unfornately i have stared a barbarian if u look at my profile i have stay at my DH for onthe end trying different build but have come to realizes she can't survive inferno mp10 very well so barb has the most build availabe
Monk! I enjoy the melee classes much more than ranged and I like the Monk skills over the Barb skills. I play pretty lazily and enjoy a lot of skills that are passive or don't take much concentration to use. The Monk has everything I want.
At one point in the past, all five character types had near play-time spent. Paragon - specifically magic find has reduced me to a single character. I'm verging on boredom. Another factor is run speed being too slow now, especially with the new density - I log into an alternate run half a map and hate it - no fun. A base 15% run speed boost, I'd probably go back to messing around.
Wizard! Magic users are always my favorite class, and I just love her attitude. She's so perky!
Let me guess, the most popular class in this thread will be nerfed? I refuse to participate blizzard!
DH for sure. Nothing beats having the ability to smash elites and staying alive so easily. Monk is ok but not great compared to the DH.
At this time , I am currently working all 10 Paragon's too lvl. 2 Builds in Inferno...Currently working on 1 of my Witchdoctor's. Without investment at this point the game would have been headed for a downfall! My goal is current & forthcoming... To earn as many In-Game Achievement point's on a Uber 10 Build as possible...Sincerely, Shardstride..
BARBARIAN, with 700 hrs....Must say , that I have only found one sell able , and usable legendary in this entire time ......That is the game killer.....1200 stacks of gold and useless rare farming.....
What gives?
Started with the wizard and struggled a lot on the way with the poor item drops. Once I got to Inferno I couldn't get past Diablo without more farming so I thought I would try the DH.

I made it 60 with the DH in about half the time the wizard took and seemed to be a much better character with better (although still lacking) item drops. The DH ranged attacks seemed to be more effective. Of course this could be attributed to better items I was able to find.

Tried the monk out (It's my maintenance character on the Asia server) but starting from scratch the DH seems to move you through the levels much faster than the monk. I'm sure it's a much better character once it's up to speed but just can't get into the game using it.

So for now my vote goes to DH but who knows what will happen when I try out the last couple..
I've played the Demon Hunter the most. Apparently because I hate myself, love frustration and like dying frequently.
Barb i have close to 400 hrs on him. Then prob monk. After that its a toss between the range classes. I"m a melee kind of guy.
Allways the wizzard from diablo 1 to diablo 3
demon hunter but i think they a bit weak

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