Wiz’s Gear Mechanical Keyboard vs. Normal

I unfortunately decided a couple of years ago to purchase a high-end laptop for my gaming needs a couple years ago. It held up quite fine till I decided to start playing as a SNS Wiz haha. Needless to say my “Q” and “E” keys are dead. I have already remapped skills to different keys, but they are just not as comfortable.

So looking for a new keyboard.

Looking for pros and cons.

Thus far from what I can tell Mechanical are more $$$ and much louder.
You should see kiza's setup.

However, that thread got moved. Checking.
I found it past yodatoy's iPad thread that also got moved --

Desktop's always the way to go...
I was never a big PC gamer. Mostly just used my laptop for was playing Magic The Gathering Online.
That keyboard is $280, so unless you got money to burn, I wouldn't really advise that. Tho it is nice... or at least I convinced myself that it is ^_^

I also have the new Corsair K95 "Cherry Red" mechanical keyboard, but my advice is to get a normal membrane keyboard. Go to a store or find some way to get your hands on them and try it out. The "feel" and layout are important.

But the real problem may be how you're using the keyboard. Try this:

07/19/2013 09:34 AMPosted by Neoshinji
I was never a big PC gamer. Mostly just used my laptop for was playing Magic The Gathering Online.

Do it... do it...

Not pricey to build a superb machine.

Your eyes will love you. Hook up a sweet 1080p 40+ inch monitor.

Your ears will love you. Surround sound it, add subwoofer as bonus.

Your tush will love you. Reclining chair, preferably the spinny ones with wheels.

Wireless mouse and keyboard. Love Logitech.

Any piece that breaks/malfunctions, take out and replace, done. Need to upgrade for any reason, take out and replace, done.

Your wallet and brain will love you.
I have been wanting a new mechanical keyboard really bad, but I can't quit putting money on my Bnet account. I decided after my last purchase that I am not putting another dime on it, so hopefully in the next few weeks I will get the Corsair I want. The one with the red replaceable key caps looks exactly like what I want.

My Logitech does pretty good, and I don't really have any complaints, but 1,2,3 keys are starting to squeak bad now, and the lack of rubber on the flip out risers causes it to move around if I am flogging the keys really hard. That K95 looks pretty good as well, but I want to be able to change out the 1-4 keys to red and maybe even the Q key as well.

I spent a good bit building my PC and I am glad I went that route instead of a gaming laptop. I will be able to change out things as better tech comes out and it just feels cooler to have a desk with everything set up.
Logitech 'G' series.
How about this one?
A lot of the Mechanical Keyboards do not have back lighting from what I can tell.
This is if I want to spend some more moolah


Not sure if anyone has had these?
i used my knowledge from work and created my own processor :)

overclocked at 6 ghz 2x quad processor and runs a custom 2x radeon 6900 graphic card.

then i use a bunch of razer products cause they look cool.
Bought a Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard during the 4th of July weekend. Has blacklite Nice
Now, is a mechanical keyboard worth the extra bucks? Well if you would ask me, yes it does worth the extra bucks. It's just smoother typing and stuff, specially for rts players mechanical keyboard is a must.

But don't blindly order a flashy mechanical keyboard, try one at a shop first. Some may like it and some doesn't and there are different types of switches used at mechanical keyboards.

Below there is a link that will describe the different cherry switches.

i have a blue backlit gigabyte mechanical keyboard.
it was well worth the money. have multiple key recognition versus membrane boards that only allow two key inputs at a time allows me to have another option as to how i mash my keys, and helps ease the repetitive strain.
07/19/2013 03:42 PMPosted by An1mA
But don't blindly order a flashy mechanical keyboard, try one at a shop first. Some may like it and some doesn't and there are different types of switches used at mechanical keyboards.

I wish I knew somebody that has a mechanical keyboard so I could try it out. It would suck to spend 150 bucks on one and then get it home and not like it. I have read that info about the different switches on overclock before. Hell, I just noticed the Corsair K60 is on sale at Amazon for 99 bucks, which is not bad at all.

The way the red key caps could be placed on 1-4 with the end banked keys on 1 and 4, and a regular red keycap on the q would be nice, but at this point, I very seldom find myself with my fingers on the wrong keys. Also, I like having a wrist rest all the way across since I do a decent amount of typing, and the wrist rest on the K60 is only for the left hand, so I have my reasons for getting it and not getting it suppose.
I use Razer Blackwidow for work (I do a fair amount of typing) and it's pretty nice. Tried another one from a local brand and while ok, I didn't like it for gaming. Hence it's pretty personal and it's best to try it out if possible; seen the Gigabyte one and it looks real nice. Have to consider the cherry switches too; brown seems popular.

I'm actually using a cheap microsoft keyboard so I can just throw it away after I abuse those certain buttons. Don't want my buttons to go soft fast on my new laptop ^^
Chiming in, Logitech; My g710+ is going on a year now I know that each key is certified 100,000+ keystrokes. Well mine is definitely well past the 500,000 mark on the most used keys. Not a single problem yet with my w,a,s,d,1,2,3,q,e keys (the ones I use the most). As Always do a ton of research on the keyboards and determine what you want to buy. Not all mechanical keyboards are of the same quality build-outs.
Ended up getting the Corsair Vengeance K70.

I was able to test out a couple Mechanical Keyboards at Micro Center. To my surprise I didn't care for Razer Mech Keyboards.

Talked to a couple friends and scanned the web for reviews. The Corsair Vengeance K70. seemed to have the most positive reviews.

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