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I put the game down for a while and finally started back up. Bought some gear and have been farming MP5. Any recommendations for better gear that can help me get higher in MP?

I can spend around 10mil and playing as a WW barb
I'd suggest getting some more Vit on your gear. If you're going to use Blackthorne's set, I'd recommend getting a 150+ Vit chest and a +150 VIT version of the pants but with 2 open sockets. You'll boost your eHP by a lot, and that way you'll clear out your amulet slot for something with better stats such as Crit Chance which is more important as a WW barb. I got this Blackthorne's set at around 4-5m total back when I was testing it out.

You might also want to swap out the Lamentation for an IK belt, which would give you generally the same stats but also roll a guaranteed 70+ AR boost.

I'd even recommend changing your rings to something with more consistent DPS for trash mobs, (probably bifecta rings with 9aspd/5cc.

You'll also want some vit in your shoulder slot, you currently have none which is a problem in a slot where you could potentially get 300+ on a crafted pair.
Ok so ditch the IK chest and get blackthorne chest, up the vit and add gems to the blackthrones pants and get an IK belt. Then ditch Blackthornes amulet and get one that boosts crit chance and crit damage. I think thats where im gonna start if I understand you correct.

Only thing im worried about is losing LOH from that amulet.
Not by a computer now so hard to go too in-depth but it doesn't look like you have much increased attack speed (or any after you remove the blackthorne's ammy) which will be necessary for maintaining permawrath and overall fury generation as a WW barb. You can probably pick up a lower end STR Lacuni Prowlers with Crit chance for pretty cheap and it will be better than your current Strongarms, and also give you some much needed attack/move speed.

Look to using IK strides as well instead of those Ice Climbers, which will give you the other 12% Movement speed bonus you'll want in order to farm faster.

Also, after switching to an IK belt, I'd actually suggest switching from IK helm to a Mempo for not only the aspd, but the guaranteed AR which you'll need to move up past MP5.

Forget the LOH loss, you'll make it up with Life steal.

Look to try and get IK Gloves with 8% aspd (they will be significantly cheaper than the 9% versions) and aim to hit the WW/RLTW breakpoints.

Check the sticky on this forum for much more detailed info than I can provide right now.

I also highly recommend silverfire's thread where he goes through some gear choices on a budget, which definitely helped me when I was transitioning as well.

Here's the link to silverfire's topic:
Awesome Thanks ill work on getting my aspd, movement and vit up. I def ignored aspd when I was buying this gear, looking heavily at str and crit chance and crit dmg.

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