Gearing help?

Hey guys, For all you pro barbs out there, need some suggestions to improve my Barb.

Thanks in advance :D
so why is it necessary to hit 2.5 breakpoint?
1) Your Weapons are solid, they should be the last thing you replace. Trying to replace them now would be silly and expensive. . .oh my lord would that be expensive.

2) Craft Vitality Shoulders until you get an even split of 200+/200+ Vit/Str and 70+AR. Life % doesn't hurt in this slot either. Drop the Vit Gems for Strength Ones

3) Your WW/Run like the wind DPS would be better served by a Ruby in that MH slot, I'd also drop relentless in favor of Brawler.

4) Craft better Bracers, aim for High Strength, Vit and All Resistance.

5) Craft better Gloves, Aim for IAS, CC, CHD.

6) Your offhand ring could be improved marginally, and that Hellfire slot will be reserved for an SoJ at a later time anyway.

7) Changing to an IK belt is going to drop your CHD and your IAS which will drop your over all DPS quite alot and it seems a needless change when you can get Immortal King's Strides for 12% more Movement Speed (more Nado's) and 150+ in both Vit and Strength and native AR and the Two Set bonus. IK strides are budget friendly also.

8) Get a minimum 150 Vit Inna's and put Rubys in those empty sockets.

9) A better IK chest with Higher Vit wouldn't go astray either.
thanks man appreciate it!

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