Best and Worst gear from barb above you

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Best: Ammy

Worst: Mempo need main stat in there
im suppose to rate frank?? really? pft. um can I havr w;/e your worst gear is? lol better than my best im sure.

I never even checked that mempos rolled without main stat??? You may have been able to get one with a very high main stat role that beats your CC one for a lot less gold.


IK chest could be better
@ganghis, back when mempo's were reworked there was a bug in the programming I believe that allowed mempos to roll single resist instead of mainstats along with the other stats on the mempo, however I think they're only on the cc mempos, dont know if they're on non cc mempos

also....your best is your chest armor, worst is either ef or shoulder :P
@Frank + Ghenghis

it is a really old mempo , was messing around with it last night.

Aside from the help what else would be the worst item.
@ AmPriS- I like your skorn but that mempo really is bad. Other than that the only gear choices I see that are kinda off is there is no avg damage on your rings OR ammy

That EF is nice. Why 4 piece IK? You could get higher str with crafted shoulders.
5 piece IK :) and that is because I have 4 kids I have to pay attention to while I play so it makes fury management kinda easy if I have to stop for a second. Now that I have a higher tier of gear I keep the IK because its not a common gear set and I like to break away a little bit.

As for the shoulders, I am working on that. not getting as lucky as I was with all my amulet crafting.

Best - EF
Worst - OH Sword

Best - Mempo
Worst - Unity

Best- EF
Worst- Could get more ehp on shoulders/bracers. Not sure if you even need it though

best : gloves

worst : rare ring

Best - EF

Worst - those lacunis, but mine aren't much better
Best WH, could have AR which would help you, but still a good item as is.
Worst Innas, could have much more vit or str.

Subjective comments as each build relies on what items you find and balance thereof.

I really like your chest

And only because i have to choose , more strength on the mempo thnx.

Not sure what the fling is with the ammy you have on?

Love your shoulders! and crafted!

pretty much maxed out all your slots but you should swap your skorn for an IAS or LS type. love your IK chest alot.
Jer your skorn and ring are a tie IMHO for best.

If I had to pick a piece to be worst i guess it would be shoulders though they are by no means bad they could use a little more vit :P

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