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I'm 63 and have been a gamer for more than 40 years.
Only 33, but I'd be happy to play some D3 with the two of you. Send me a friend request if you would like to play.

Age 67 -- hardcore gamer since 2001

When I heard there was going to be a D3 my biggest hope was that I would live long enough to play it :-)

Retired from the practice of law relatively young to study PC graphics and 3d--My passion had been photography for decades---when I discovered what I could do with photoshop and its plugins I totally freaked and could not stop..even had it installed on my firm's machine---became so compulsive it started to interfere with my work so I practically had to stop working.

I self-studied PC graphics and 3d graphics for about 3 years until that fateful day I discovered D2 LOD at which point everything else became irrelevant. Gawd. I played thousands of hours often finding myself waist deep in pizza boxes -- had no time to eat anything else. Won several gift certificates from Dominoes for ordering more than 100 pizzas OO.

My chainlightning Javazons ("Deerdancer" 1,.2.and 3) were for several seasons for at least a part of everyday were within the top 5 on the West Ladder, sometimes #1 for brief periods. Just shows you what you can do when you have 24/7 to left click a mouse :-)....Totally loved cows. "Deerdancer" probably killed more cows than McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King combined. She was really well built for cows.

And you youngsters who think 67 is old--- forget about it. If you take good care of yourself,excercise frequently, don't take life too seriously, and nourish yourself properly with nourishing food and/or supplements you will find there is little you can't do at 67 that you could at 37. You may have to do it slower, but you can do it LOL.

You would be surprised to learn how many retirees play on-line games. I have met many.
Turned 46 yesterday i love competing against my kids for the top dawg characters i also have been a gamer since i got an Atari for Christmas as a child i commend you sir and your wife keep the games going till they bury us !!
07/19/2013 11:46 AMPosted by koros
Are you for real? I didn't know people that old that play video games. People at that age usually have can't move well, can't see well or can't keep themselves up by doing the same boring, repetitive runs.

By the time you get to be my age modern medicine will have advanced to the point you will still be able to do the 10 yd dash in under 2 seconds :-)
How long until this thread devolves into an argument about self found or flipping?

Also cheers OP.
58 here -- not the over 65 as requested but with any luck will get there one day.

Still have an active D2 acct up -- couple of lvl 90 smiters - a lvl 93 summoning necro and 2 lvl 96 hammerdins (my kids hated the 'dins but I love the class) (have given away tons of Godly stuff in D2 over the years)

I currently play with a couple of "older" friends in D3 -- we have a great time and my son enjoys playing with us as well - makes for a good 4 man group (he is a Barb and my most advanced char is the Barb as the monk doesn't have the items I want for him to have yet)

Games are fun -- beats network TV by a "light year" (would have said "mile" but you younger kids wouldn't have understood) :-)
How long until this thread devolves into an argument about self found or flipping?

Also cheers OP.

Have you ever tried to do a back flip at the age of 70?

You are still young---will take till your at least 68 to find yourself
I think u and ur wife r little bit older to be a gamer....Coz my ex-gf always say i am childish to play so many games.....(probably based on different culture background)...anyway, enjoy and have fun!
salute u two
hey! 67 here, been playing games since pong.
Cool, and I thought I was one of the oldest here .... 50 in a couple of weeks, Diablo is the only game I've ever played, since the first one came out
Nice to see someone older than me. I am 40 and I think I might be the top 10 oldest ppl around. Nice!
You are not in the top 10 based on this post :) There was a great post over on WoW a month or so ago asking the average gamer age...seems it averages out in the low thirties so 40 is not far from that. You are in good company.
it's good to see older people playing games, my dad stopped playing games when he was 35 because he deemed them too childish but i can see when i visit on xmas, that he wants to play with my little brother on some of his games on his ps3 and xbox.
I'll turn 66 in October; my wife turns 62 next week. We've been married since 1971.

We started gaming in early 1982, Atari 2600, C-64, and now we have our separate computers custom-made for gaming at a local shop. I have a large network at home with another computer for internet use, with a router, cable-modem, etc., and we often play - we're both retired - sitting next to each other.

I play mainly FPS, D1/2/3, WoW, Skyrim, The Witcher, and other games like it.

She only plays Sim 1/2/3, and the many expansions for those games.

I'm currently actively playing Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, and The Witcher 2.

Looking forward to next year when The Witcher 3 is released - 25% larger than Skyrim; and also an MMO/on-line version of a game in the Elder Scrolls genre (which could be released this year).

Good luck to all.

PS: I forgot, my daughter, of course, is also a gamer lol.
I'm happy for you she is now your EX GF. What human past time other than productive labor is not "childish" ?
I cant believe you guys can do it at that age. I am 29 and my fingers hurt if I continuously play for a couple of hours!
I'm not 65 yet, but I'm working on it very seriously. Age: 57.

I hope to still be playing at 65. :)

I play Diablo 3 and WoW.

It's so great that both of you enjoy the game!

just goes to show old dog's still bury there bone's =)
I wonder what the median age is for Diablo 3 players?

Much respect to you, KILLDOC.

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